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Changing Allergies - But not peanut

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I went to my doctor yesterday and got retested for allergies. The last time I was tested was 10 yrs ago after I had an anaphylactic reaction to egg rolls (the peanut in them). I was hoping that I outgrew the allergy or at least would not be as allergic anymore, but that was not the case. I am still testing a 4 for peanuts.

However, some of my other allergies switched around. I used to be very allergic to dust, and now test a 0 for it. I am also very allergic to cats (4), less to shellfish (3), and even less to soybean (2).

I think my body has changed a lot in the last 10 yrs as I went through puberty and growing into an adult. My asthma has also improved drastically. I was very dependent on inhalers, but am now testing out taking NO medication. I have lasted 2 days straight so far without taking any asthma medicine.

Anyone else experience similar changes?