Change at McDonald\'s?

Posted on: Fri, 09/14/2001 - 1:58pm
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I did not see any new posts on this here but just recent, McDonald's in this area does not have "loose" peanuts anymore. If you order a sundae, the peanuts are handed to you in a sealed single serving baggie. Anyone else notice this elsewhere? Do not know if it is a change from corporate down.

Posted on: Sat, 09/15/2001 - 2:40am
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They have been doing this in Canada for many years now at McDonalds.
I guess they are finally starting it in the USA too. It would be nice if Dairy Queen would do it also.. I don't eat there since there are always nuts scattered everywhere.
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Posted on: Sat, 09/15/2001 - 4:10am
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I have just been noticing this at our local MacDonalds, too. I am so pleased! I know many people on this site have not felt comfortable with MacDonalds, but it is one of the restaurants where we do take my daughter. I am really glad to know that loose peanuts are no longer a threat. Miriam

Posted on: Sat, 09/15/2001 - 10:58am
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Our McDonald's has been doing it for about 3 months or so now. It is a rare special treat for us to go to McDonalds for my pa son, becuase he can "ONLY" eat the Ice Cream and I don't ever give him the shaker salads becuase I don't trust how long that they have been out.
He is allergic to chicken, beef, and white potato so for us we don't go to fast food restaurants. We go out for pizza instead. Thank goodness he is not allergic to that. lol
well best wishes all,
Renee [img][/img]

Posted on: Fri, 09/28/2001 - 7:36am
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I'm not taking credit for this but, my father is an employee of a subcontractor for McDonalds restaurants...they deal with the logistics of McDonalds in the upper Midwest. He is friends with a McDonalds Franchisee that owns about a dozen "large" McDonalds franchises in the MPLS/STP, Chicago areas. I had walked into one of his stores and made the comment about all of the loose Peanuts about a year and a half ago. He said that he understood the problem and would take on a personal crusade to get it fixed and rally other owners around it.
About 10 months ago McDonalds began switching from loose nuts to plastic packaging. They use a different supplier in Canada and US and the US one was resistance but now has complied. This is a result of the owners push for a different packaging.
I have thanked the owner immensely.

Posted on: Fri, 09/28/2001 - 8:22am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Just to let you know... I got a Happy Meal for my 4 children from McDonald's today and for the first time forgot to check the Cookies before giving them to my PA son. They had the "May Contain" warning. (I was dropping the kids at my Mother In Laws for a couple of hours trying to get ready for a visit from my parents) and my MIL caught the mistake!! This was wonderful as she has always kinda seemed like I was a paranoid Mommy before but after seeing his reaction from the cereal two days ago and the fact that he just got his Medic Alert I guess she thought she'd better read the label... Hooray Mom!!

Posted on: Fri, 10/19/2001 - 12:59pm
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Wow - I'm going to call McDonald's tomorrow and thank them. Don't know if they have an 800 number, but their home office is in Oakbrook, IL if anyone else wants to call.

Posted on: Sat, 10/20/2001 - 9:06am
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I called our local mcdonalds and they don't package the topping separately. [img][/img] But she said she would pass on my comments to the owner. I'm really hoping that this becomes a universal practice. Maybe the supplier could supply the toppings only in that form, then the individual restaurants wouldn't have to make the choice.

Posted on: Wed, 10/24/2001 - 12:15pm
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Great New. I hope/think I may have helped this peanut at McDonalds here in NY/LI. Our local McD's was using a shaker with peanuts for the ice cream. I flipped out in the store. When I went home I started making lots of calls. Spoke to all kinds of people - saying McDonalds is about hambugers and french fries - not peanuts. I made him aware that is a CHILDRENS RESTURANT and this is a potentential KILLER for some children. I had this complaint documented and I received a few phone calls at the regional level saying they understand. I did notice too that the same McD's now has packaged nuts. I was very pleased. I still think they should lose the peanuts. Who cares if they have it. It is not an ice cream palor. I am not telling them to change how they make their buger!!!

Posted on: Thu, 04/11/2002 - 11:10am
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Just bringing this post over from the main discussion board -
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I was sad to find out this morning that McDonalds Blueberry muffins are made in a plant that manufactures peanuts. The manager was nice enough to pull the box label before we bought one to be sure it was peanut free, and on the bottom of the label it had "the warning". Ugh! Is nothing safe ?

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