Centrum Multivitamins


I purchased Centrum Junior Complete childrens chewable multivitamin only to find out after my children each had one, that the label indicates "MAY CONTAIN PEANUT OIL"!!!! Luckily my child with the severe peanut allergy did not have a reaction. WHY DO VITAMINS HAVE PEANUT OIL IN THEM? In Canada these are distributed by Whitehall Robins but I have hit a dead end in trying to contact them. The 1-800 number is not valid in Canada. I never thought that I would have to read a multivitamin label for peanut products!

On Apr 4, 2000

I am in Canada and have recently noticed that Orifer F prenatal vitamins list peanut oil but not in the ingredient list. It was somewhere else on the label and easily missed. I'm not sure who makes them but it upsets me since pregnant woman are unknowingly exposing their unborn child to peanuts.