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I am a student in England studying BA(Hons) Interactive Design at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside. I am in my final year and have decided as my final major project to design a cd-rom for young children with nut allergies. I have had trouble finding information on the subject and have now found this site and thought I would ask if there is anyone who could help me (with ideas and information). Thank you Lucy Harding

On Oct 5, 1999

What a great project, Lucy! Thanks so much for taking this on. My 4yo son adores CD-ROMS and it would be so great to have someone design one for young children with nut allergies.

First off, the PA teenage daughter of Anne M.Furlong (the Director of FAN) has put together an activity book for school-aged children called "Alexander's Fun & Games Activity Book," available through the Food Allergy Network for $5 US dollars. I'd take a look at that for some ideas. FAN has other Alexander books for kids which might also help you get you started.

Then, I'd suggest you contact some of the big producers of CD-ROM software for kids; such as The Learning Company, Creative Wonders, Edmark Corporation, Humongous Entertainment, Broderbund, Disney, and Davidson. You can get their email addresses and toll-free numbers off the Web. Tell them you are a college student working on this project and see if anyone might be interested in mentoring you.

The project sounds delightful. Please let us know when you finish your project and how we can purchase a copy.


On Oct 6, 1999

I don't have any other recommendations to add - finding information on peanut allergies is difficult which is why I love this website as well as the food allergy network (foodallergy.org, I think).

Nonetheless, I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" so so so much. You are appreciated more than you can imagine by those of us who suffer the affects of this potential killer allergy. My son (almost 5) is fascinated by computers, plus I think this would be a wonderful resource for schools since computer technology is a primary target on their educational goals.

Thanks again and good luck, Colleen