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Cathay Pacific - PA - Denied boarding - how common???

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We are planning to to got the HK and Singapore with our PA kids. Normally, we have never though of a flight being dangerous (we have been travelling 2-3 times a year without incidence). Recently, our daughter (9) presented with an anaphylatic reaction (hospital, epi pens, etc..) but we are uncertain what started it. She had a primary reaction at school, hives and stomach pains, and then 7 hours later a secondary reaction, stomach ache, hives, swollen lips and white colored to emergency.

Because we don't know what caused it (she is allergic to all nuts and kiwi) we are concerned about the long flight to HKG.

And I can't seem to find any info about denied boarding by planes except for the few posted when I google search.

How common? uncommon are allergic reactions on long haul flights? Ingestion is a major problem of course, but not sure with I said, we have been on many flights (and even to a 5 guy burgers with peanuts all around and peanut oil cooked fries...1st and last time going...)

I can't image that PA people don't fly at all...but I'm trying to reassure my wife and myself that we can take precautions, and should be able to go...

Also, what makes the airline deny boarding? We are getting a note from the doc, filling out the forms they (cathay) ask us to do. I assume that others have told the FA about the PA and go on the flights but what makes the deny boarding different?

I need more info and other people's experiences please...

By Michelyne Callan on Nov 14, 2012

Hi, I have a 17 year old PA son. We have lived in Hong Kong, Turkey, UAE and now live in Malaysia. There are other flight options like British Airways and JAL, that can get you to HK and Singapore that are nut allergy friendly. We do not want to be at 28,000 feet and find out that our son is airborne allergic, so we go with airlines that tell us they do not serve nut snacks. It's the 200 packets of peanuts being opened simultaneously that scares us. We have lived abroad for the last 22 years and there is no need to NOT travel on an airine. You have to pick and choose and be careful. We make bleached wet wipes (Pour in our own bleach) and wipe the seating area down if it's an airline where we know people can buy peanuts (Like Air Asia and Firefly), but we do not go on airlines that give out peanut snacks free. I hope that helps. Email me at if you have more questions. We've been doing this for a very very long time, successfully.

By xcell on Nov 17, 2012

Thanks for the input. I booked this flight 6 months ago for a family reunion for my wife's side of the family. To be honest, we have flown a lot with our kids (but only in north america) and never had a reaction. But just recently my 9 year old had a reaction at school and then at home but not sure to what, so we are very concerned. Im sure she is not allergic to inhalation (never 100% though) because we went to a burger joint in florida (5 guys) that had peanut shells a ll over the place (free of course) and cooked their fries in peanut oil. She ate her burger and left and was fine (I know it could have been worse). We don't plan to ever go back and now warn our friends (even though nothing happen to us this time, it could next). Cathay changed their peanut policy but not sure if they will hold true to it...