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Hey all. I DO NOT want to cause a panic on this BUT... I was in Carvel today trying to order a cake for my son Evan's birthday this Friday. I explained to what looked like the manager that my son has a peanut allergy and is it possible to have a fresh cake made (not one in the bin) for him and can special precautions be taken so nothing comes in contact with peanuts. Let me say that he was very nice. But what he did tell me was that the crunchies have peanut oil in them and that they had just received new labels that they will be putting on all of the cakes. I saw the label for their football cakes (covered in crunchies) and sure enough it contained the "may contain" warning.

Since it is the summer, Evan has had quite a few pieces of Carvel ice cream cake (with the crunchies) and no problems whatsoever. I don't get it! I have checked back in old posts and several people have said that they are able to eat this cake without any problems. To be on the safe side they are going to make his cake with crushed Oreos.

I sent an email to the Carvel customer service department and will let everyone know when I hear back.

On Aug 1, 2001

When you went back and read the old posts, did you read L&MOJOE's post? She contacted Carvel as well and posted their response here. Turns out they monitor this site and blasted her for posting about them. She had to erase most of her post.

On Aug 2, 2001

Yes Heather, I did. But I thought it was worth the risk to share the information.

On Aug 2, 2001

It was definitely worth the "risk" Lisayas. I highly doubt that Carvel representatives are still lurking around here. It was almost exactly a year ago that I first posted about Carvel. Actually, I think I'm going to email Carvel soon and cut and paste their email response here. Looking back at my original Carvel thread...gosh, it was embarassing how incohesive I ended up sounding.

I really want to thank you for giving me the heads-up. We're going to Florida for my son's birthday in two weeks and I was planning on buying a Carvel cake. I assumed that their manufacturing processes would still hold true today. Guess not, huh?

Thanks again, Jennifer

On Aug 6, 2001

I did receive an email from Carvel regarding the peanut oil in their "crunchies". And there is none. Just another example of a misinformed managed giving out bogus information. What the email did tell me is that Hydrox, the people that crush up the cookies are putting the warning on the cakes in case there is a cross contamination from the equipment that crushes the crunchies.

I am going to follow up with Hydrox to see what's up. My son has been having the cakes all summer with no problems at all.

Have a good day.

On Mar 17, 2002

My son was invited to a neighbor's birthday party and I mentioned that I thought Carvel cakes were safe (the mom wanted to get an ice cream cake.) I should have checked the store myself because I don't know what changed but it now has a "may contain" warning. So my son got to the party and I found out then that he couldn't have the cake. The mother is going to give him some oreos. I was going to call Carvel to find out why they put a warning on it and how real the danger might be, but it's Sunday so I can't. This mom was really trying hard to get something Ben could have.

On Jun 5, 2003

Bensmom, just wondering if you ever got any answers on this?

On Jun 6, 2003

A few years back I *tried* to read the ingredient label of a Carvel cake, but every freaking cake's ingredient label was covered by another Carvel label, the ones used to close the boxes, sort of how you'd use tape. I never got around to writing the company, so thank you for checking this out. I've never let my daughter have any kind of ice cream cake, so I'll be interested in the reply.

On Jun 19, 2003

I spoke to a Carvel rep. today. She told me their facilities are peanut free, but because the crunchies are made in another facility, they cannot guarantee pn free. Therefore they label everything. She transferred me to someone who could perhaps find out about the crunchies. Waiting to hear.

On Jun 20, 2003

I was told that the crunchies are produced in another facility that also produces girl scout cookies. They use same lines for peanut products. All their products are labeled may contain. Carvel didn't seem too willing to share who this other company is though.

On Jun 22, 2003

Hi Judy:

I bet you & I spoke to the same person. I spoke a woman who explained that cakes sold in supermarkets are produced in a nut free environment. She didn't know who the supplier was for the crunchies & I was the second person to ask that. Anyway, she said she would get back to me but hasn't so far. But I guess I now know what she will be telling me.


Originally posted by JudyH: [b]I was told that the crunchies are produced in another facility that also produces girl scout cookies. They use same lines for peanut products. All their products are labeled may contain. Carvel didn't seem too willing to share who this other company is though.[/b]

------------------ Allergic to Shellfish/ Mom to Jesse 9/01 who has PA

On Jun 23, 2004

I was quite disappointed today when I looked for my dd's cake to find out that all of Carvel products are labeled 'may contain' [img][/img] . I must have missed this post last year, I was thinking they were still safe. I guess I'll be baking/making one now!

On Jun 23, 2004

I just saw carvel on the Travel Channel's best ice cream shop show last week and they showed them making a cake. They mentioned that most of there cakes are coated w/ peanuts. I took them off my list after seeing that...I didn't check the date the show was created. Did anyone else see this?