care for PA kids with colds


Parents, how do you take for your PA children's colds? My 3 year old has a cold right now and we did the standard Tynol for fever and Benadryl for running nose (at night to help sleep too) But I know there are mixed info here on Triaminic, Vicks vapor rub...etc. I don't know what else I can do to make my child feel more comfortable. Would you share your "standard" care for a sick PA kid? What kind of cold med. have you use safely?

On Sep 1, 2008

I use Benadryl (my dr told me to). I've also used Vick's Vapor Rub with no problems. I've never used Triaminic.

My dr told me to use Children's Sudafed (also no problems with it) when he was severely stuffy. You have to ask the pharmacist for it b/c it's not on the regular shelves anymore. We used it for 1-2 nights with success. I also run a vaporizer in the room and I alternate giving Motrin and Tylenol if the fever is high (my kids always tend to get the high fevers).

Good luck!


On Sep 2, 2008

My 19 month old just caught his brothers cold the other day. I usually do Benedryl too and that helps with the runny nose and stuff. Then I use the Vicks baby rub on his chest and if he is really bad I will use the hot steam vaporizor with the eucalyptus oil in his room to help him breath. I've seen with my kids at least that Benedryl seems to work better for them with their symptoms than any cold meds. Hope your little one is feeling better soon!

On Sep 2, 2008

I do the same... just Benadryl and advil or tylenol for colds.. that is it. I think the Bendryl works the best.

I have not used any cough syrup or anything else.. HTH