Cape Cod - help please!


Hi, we are currently living in Singapore and are planning a trip to Cape Cod next summer. As we are Aussies I have no idea how emergency medical situations are handled in USA. If my son was to react do I ring for an ambulance or take him direct to a hospital with Accident & emergency facilities? During my search on web I could only find two hospitals listed for Cape Cod. How do other people organise their Accident and Emergency Plans?? Also any suggestions on what to do and where to go would be appreciated.

On May 1, 2006

Hi, Beagle.

I've only visited Cape Cod once, and it was before my son developed his food allergies, so I can't give you a whole lot of Cape-specific advice (although I do live elsewhere in Massachusetts).

Anywhere in the US, though, in the event of an allergy emergency, you should dial 911, which will connect you to an emergency services operator. The operator will ask you the nature of the emergency (they want to know if you need police, are reporting a fire or have a medical emergency), and then you can tell them that you need an ambulance. You should also ask for "Advanced Life Support", which would be paramedics/EMTs more equipped for serious emergencies, like anaphylaxis. If ALS isn't available, just ask them to bring epinephrine.

Beware that the Cape is loaded with ice cream and candy shops, none of which is likely to be nut-free.

Have a wonderful trip!