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Cap rast results

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My daughter got her results back on her cap rast for peanut and it was a "low positive" (0.44) anyone info on this, I am wondering if anyone had a result like this and if so was it repeated? Our allergist said to repeat it in one year and see if it goes down I want to know statistics, like how likely this is to happen. sometimes I feel like I am asking to many questions.

On Dec 5, 2001

The info I have from my son's CAP RAST says that < .35 is class 0 and .35-.7 is class 1. It goes up from there to class 5. How old is your daughter and what is her history of reaction? I can't remember the statistics I used to have about what percentage below a certain number will have a negative challenge, but I'll try to find them. Sounds like good advice to wait a year and see if it goes down. Sounds promising.

On Dec 5, 2001

Why such a difference between scratch and cap tests? My son has been scratch tested 2 times. The first exposure was injested. Would the second and third exposure be to The Scratch Test? After reading some peoples Posts they consider scratch tests as an exposure. My allergist never gave me this impression. The second scratch test though, caused a tingling sensation where they pricked and nervousness on my sons part. I've read that kids have analphylactic reaction to scratch tests, what's that all about? esmom, has your daughter been scratch tested too? Just would like to know since my sons 3rd visit to the allergist is coming up in January. Should I ask for a Cap Rast test? Maybe my allergist is out in Left Field because he mentioned doing a Food Challange when he was 4 and after reading up on those they are only for when they are pretty sure the allergy has been outgrown. No way his is because last year he reacted to smelling at Halloween the Recees Peanut Butter Cups packages in my sisters bowl. He starting itching his eyes and sniffling and saying he didn't feel well and thats just walking by the bowl. When we got outside he was fine. Anyway, I'm going back to the Allergist a little more educated and more in charge of my sons allergy because of this website.

On Dec 5, 2001

Thanks BENSMOM I hope you find that info (I be very grateful) My daughter was 1 yo when she had her first reaction with hives and swelling on her top lip. second reacion was a year later and was slight hives. she is now 3 and 4 mos.

On Dec 5, 2001

smack, yes my daughter was scratch tested when she had her first reaction. i think a cap rast is agreat idea and I'd get a new allergist

On Dec 6, 2001

I think the statistic I am thinking of came out of someone's post here. Someone had an allergist who didn't want to do an oral challenge even though the CAP RAST indicated an 80% chance that the allergy had been outgrown. The allergist didn't want to take that 20% chance it had not. If anyone recognizes this as their post, maybe they can bump the thread back up to the top for you. I haven't been able to find it.

On Dec 6, 2001


Yes, that was me that you are referring to. My son recently tested a .75. A recent study by Johns Hopkins University that was published in the Feb 2001 issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology that says 71% of patiens with a PN IGE level of less than 2 ku/l had a negative oral challenge and recommends that anyone with a low level do an oral challenge.

I will bump up my post so you both can read it. It is titled "CAP RAST Results--mixed emotions :confused"

esmom, my Dr. told me to have the CAP RAST repeated again next year as well. In the meantime, I am still strictly avoiding peanuts.