CAP RAST much lower


My 2 1/2 year old was diagnosed with PA last year at 15 months old. A CAP RAST was done at Nat'l Jewish and she scored a 21. We took her in this year on the advice of the allergist to have the test done again after 12 months and she scored 2.79. I am waiting for the doctor to call next week to review these results, but on the surface it seems like very good news! Has this happened to anyone else? I'm not sure how excited to be. Thanks for your help!

On Mar 28, 2003

It probably depends heavily on reaction history and otehr factors. It may take some talking to your allergist to figure just how promising this is for your family- but it is sure [b]good[/b] news!! [img][/img]


On Mar 31, 2003

My DD's first CAP Rast score, at age 3, was over 100; by age four it had dropped into the 50s. Dr. Young said that it was doubtful that she would be a 'resolver' because they traditionally have MUCH lower initial scores, but it's interesting to watch. I don't know what your situation is, but I would be pretty happy if my DD had those scores! Keep us up to date, it's always nice to hear good news! Diane

On Mar 31, 2003

Hi Jeanine! I just posted my DS' RAST results under the poster "Confused about RAST Results". Our numbers seem different. Maybe different labs score differently? Anyways, do any of your numbers look my DS' numbers?

On Mar 31, 2003

Suz-a-loo: I noticed that your numbers were different and was wondering why as well. I don't have any hard copy of the results, I just spoke to the nurse over the phone and those are the numbers she gave me. I'm hoping to speak to the doctor this week and will be asking him to clarify these numbers. Thanks for the comparison. I'll keep you posted! Take care!!

On Mar 31, 2003

Thanks Jeanine! I'm looking forward to hearing what your doctor has to say. Hopefully, we'll then understand what these numbers mean.