Can\'t get IEP written

Posted on: Tue, 08/31/1999 - 11:04am
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I am having a hard time getting this issue across to a new principal and school staff. I stated last May and still not in place. Did you all request a meeting on the phone or in writing? Who was there? I can tell I'm going to have to drag them in to do this. Already a little classmate brought in a jar of Planters Peanuts for shared snack...I can't get them to write a letter either. I just keep being told patronizing comments like" Everything will be alright".


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Posted on: Tue, 08/31/1999 - 12:02pm
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pI also encountered a problem with my school district re:504 plan. I am not sure if you have a 504 plan in place or if you want just an IEP. My district told me they have never heard of a child needing a 504 plan because of a peanut allergy and that they have several children with allergies in the district. I have since found out that they do indeed have children with 504's for peanut allergies! Did they outright lie? Are they uninformed? Who knows. We just have to, as parents, persevere. You should probably contact your state's dept of education to find out where you should go next. I spoke with the nurse at the state dept of Ed in NY she was wonderful. Good Luck./p

Posted on: Wed, 09/01/1999 - 1:00pm
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pI found it best to do everything in writing. That way you have everything documented as you progress through the system. We are in Connecticut. My son has a 504 plan with the IEP built into it./p
pInitially my lawyer sent a letter after I ran into problems with the nursing supervisor to the superintendent of the school system and within the letter it asked to schedule a 504 meeting. The letter was ignored. After reaching someone at the State Board of Education who consults in the area of IDEA and 504 designations I read the letter to her. She was horrified since a parent may request such a meeting and it must be acknowledged within two weeks and the meeting set up for everyone's convenience. Iheard from my son's principal within two days and a meeting was set up. The principal was also shocked when at the meeting I let them know they were in non-compliance and showed her the letter. It took a year to get a plan that my husband and I agreed with mainly because we disagreed about transportation. The rest of the plan was okay. /p
pCall your State Board of Education and ask what you must do in your state to initiate proceedings. It's been my experience that you will be lied to or misdirected in the hopes that you will go away and give up. Take care and keep working towards what you need for your child's individual situation./p

Posted on: Wed, 09/01/1999 - 9:52pm
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pJanet, thank you for your suggestions. Yesterday the principal agreed to sit down and schedule a meeting for the 504. This was after a scary incident occured at school. If he tries to put me off again, I will consult the State about the non-compliance. Thanks /
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Posted on: Thu, 09/02/1999 - 11:48pm
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pI have an IEP and the information and protocol is in it, however, my son is in special education. The one year he was not, there was a 504 in place. There was one incident with a substitute in the classroom and the principal was not very alarmed. However a letter from our lawyer did alert her that the issue was not to be taken lightly. The best thing to do is have the plan in place and constantly double check and verify. Never assume something is happening just because it is written down somewhere. I have found that being the room mother or the designated snack mom has helped immensely. Good Luck!/p

Posted on: Fri, 09/03/1999 - 3:07am
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pThanks for the suggestions. I finally got the principal to decide on a date to meet 9/15. He says he has never encountered anyone requesting this in writing. I beleive part of that is because no one from the school tells you this is an option! I found out about it here in this board and the two moms I have spoken to that live near me had never heard of the 504 designation. I'll keep you posted and again thanks. I trust no one at this point. Bridget/p


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