Can\'t anything be easy?


My son's epi-pens expire next month. So I called his allergist to get a new script. They called back to say that since they haven't seen him since Feb. of 2004, they won't perscribe new ones for me. Now, I know they wanted to see him yearly, but I figured since they will only test every other year, it was a waste of time and money. He sees his primary care dr. yearly. Anyway, they told me to call his primary care dr. to have it perscribed. Of course she isn't in until Tuesday. I swear, if she refuses I will blow my top!

Actually I figured if she refuses, I will go back to the allergist and make an appointment for testing. He is due to be tested in about 6 months anyway. Why pay for two appointments?

Don't they know that some people are not rich?

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

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On Aug 27, 2005

I would seriously ask to speak to the office manager. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

On Aug 27, 2005

VERY annoying. Hopefully, your primary care doc will be more accommodating.

On Aug 27, 2005

I'd be VERY surprised if your primary doc isn't accomodating. Would you want that liability? (Dd's primary doc gave RX w/o allergist.) I am surprised that the allergist will take the liability though. Yikes!

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On Aug 27, 2005

Answer to your question: no, nothing can be easy.

But we get DD's prescription annually along with her school form--her pediatrician gives us both at once.


On Aug 28, 2005

Good luck! Although my dd has an allergist and he prescribed her first epis, her primary care doctor has always called in refills whenever we needed them. I know what you mean about the cost-up until recently when our kids started on medicaid we had to pay 100% out of pocket for everything-appointments, meds, everything.

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On Aug 28, 2005

No, these things aren't easy. It seems like they design the system to be inconvient. But I've actually never gotten an epi prescription through the allergist. I've always gotten it through the pediatrician, who has never hesitated.

On Aug 28, 2005

Yeah, I think his primary doc won't give us problems, but you never know!

I know that the allergist doesn't want to perscribe it because she hasn't seen him, but I was able to tell them his age and weight over the phone. What more do you need to know? Also, the epi-pens I had were able to be refilled once before Aug. 8 2005. I missed refilling them by the date, so I need a new script.

So tell me, what's the difference between refilling them without a doctor's appointment, and getting a new script without an appointment? Nothing!

I'm glad I'm not alone here. [img][/img]

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On Aug 28, 2005


Absolutely you do not need to have an appt just to get a new prescription for an epi for an allergy that your child will have for the rest of his life!

Your allergist's office are being greedy, IMO. It's not like he has a rash and ran out of his topical ointment for pete's sake! Oooo this really irks me.

I had a doctor's office tell me that a little while back. I told the person on the phone (think it was one of the nurses) Nooo, that this isn't something that he needs to be seen for...he has an allergy, plain and simple...that I didn't need his doctor to tell me that he still has his allergy to write me a prescription. Needless to say, I didn't have to have an appointment, they just ordered a prescription over the phone with the pharmacy of my choice [img][/img]

I think what really happened is just that the nurse didn't quite get it. I think sometimes people are just set on autopilot when they speak. No problem though because I got what I wanted.

I wouldn't even tell your family doctor why you are asking them for a prescription. I'd just call them and tell them that you need a refill on the epi. Only give information when it's needed.

Hope you don't have any more problems with this.

On Aug 28, 2005

When the nurse called me back, she told me that it was the doctor who refused to write the script, so I know it came "from the top". I've had other questions, and they gave me the same line, so I'm not too happy in that regard.

When I left the message for his primary dr., I did not say that his allergist refused to do it. I think that is good advice e-mom! Thanks [img][/img]

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On Aug 30, 2005

Got a call today. The dr. wrote out the script and I'll be picking it up tomorrow. yippie!!

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