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Posted on: Sun, 10/06/2002 - 4:03am
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I need to check on the natural flavors, and that crossed my mind. I just hate when they throw that word on a label. I do not think it a problem for us. My dd has eaten other legumes in the past, and thrives on soy butter, has even eaten roasted soybeans(before I knew of cross contamination riskes in manufacturing). So, I do not belive my dd to be allergic to other legumes, but know some other people may be. becca

Posted on: Mon, 10/07/2002 - 12:56am
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Well, it was all a bit casual, but I spoke to a rep on the phone. My cell phone was echoing back at me and driving me nuts, but she could hear me fine and I could hear her fine. I asked if she knew about the natural flavors ingredint, and she said, "that one I know. There are no nut ingredients in that. We get lots of calls asking about nut ingredients, and we do not have any nut ingredients in that candy or in our flavors." I secifically asked how she knows, if the "natural flavor" might be purchased outside to flavor the candy. She said when they get calls like this, and they have in the past, they fill oout a form and the person in charge of that fills it out and gives it back. She knows this has gone round several times about "natural flavors". She basically said, unless it were a peanut flavored item, the "natural flavors" would not contain peanut. So, the licorice may in fact be natural, but not peanut. I forgot to get that preices as my phone was really annoying. If you know your child has a sensetivity to the licorice flavor you may want to call, if you are even interrested in these jelly beans. They are egg and nut/peanut free, and black and orange.
I think I will let my dd taste a few, and if she seems fine, will send them in for the candy corn count. Though I almost hesitate to because I like that they may have come up with a non-candy solution! Too much focus on the candy at her school! I think I have exhausted this topic. Sorry guys! becca
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Posted on: Mon, 10/07/2002 - 3:29am
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Blueberry Hill candy corn is also available at Meijers in plastic tubs.

Posted on: Mon, 10/07/2002 - 4:52am
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Thanks to everyone about the candycorn, I never knew it was a concern because I just never buy it, I, of course would check the label if I did though. With halloween coming, I am glad to know this so I can alert the school just in case they have it there.

Posted on: Fri, 10/11/2002 - 8:51am
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Now, I contacted Blueberry Hill Foods by email at the end of July (following up on an earlier posting I spotted), and in response, they hedged, saying that if the allergy situation is serious, don't buy their candy. What to make of this??

Posted on: Wed, 10/16/2002 - 12:28pm
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I found the Blueberry Hill candy corn at a Safeway grocery store in Redmond, WA.

Posted on: Wed, 10/16/2002 - 10:58pm
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I guess I'm glad a couple of calls were made to Blueberry Hill, because when I contacted them by email a couple of months ago, I was told that if my child's allergy was severe, just don't bother to buy their products....to be on the safe side.

Posted on: Thu, 10/17/2002 - 6:30am
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They're also carrying Blueberry Hill candy corn at the Longs Drugs in the San Francisco Bay Area... I saw them in the bags in the ads and in the stores yesterday.
Too bad I can't find a soy, egg AND peanut free one.
Cheryl, mom to Jason (5) and Joey (3)

Posted on: Sat, 10/19/2002 - 12:26am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Has anyone checked out Blueberry Hill's website because they sell what is called "Circus Peanuts." It says it's a new product. Would that change the safeness of their candy corn?

Posted on: Sat, 10/19/2002 - 12:43am
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Circus Peanuts are typically a peanut shaped marshmellow type confection, not even peanut flavored. Don't you remember them? I used to love em as a kid! becca



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