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Hi all,

Sorry I can't remember the brand name, but I saw a nut warning on a bag of candy corn at the grocery store today! I thought for sure THAT would be safe--you really never know.

On Oct 2, 1999

Hi Conmom,

Yes, I've seen that warning,too. I'm not sure of the brand either, but I just stay away from all brands as you really can't be sure! It's terrible how that one food can slip into so many things!! With Halloween coming, I've alerted my daughter's preschool to keep all brands out of her preschool to keep them safe! There are 7 kids there with this allergy this year.

Stay safe, Linda-Jo

On Oct 2, 1999

I seem to remember buying Brachs candy Corn last year after a lot of searching for a "safe" brand.

Happy Hunting


On Oct 2, 1999

After years of eating candy corn safely, I did have a reaction a few years ago, so they aren't kidding.

On Oct 2, 1999

I checked the Brach's package mention of peanuts.

On Oct 2, 1999

Please check with Brach's. I know that the herman Goelitz company makes their (Brach's)jelly beans and they are not safe. I haven't checked with Brach's on their candy corn though. I do know that the Herman Goelitz Company (also the makers of Jelly Belly brand jely beans) does make candy corn and it has the peanut warning on it. Mark

On Oct 28, 1999

I sure wish I had read this posting sooner. Today at preschool they were playing BINGO with Candy Corn. My daughter asked if she could eat one, and asked the teacher to check the label. Farley's brand Candy Corn lists Peanunts under "May also contain traces of". The teacher had her wash her hands. She had no reaction but the teacher felt bad, so did I. I knew Jelly Beans were a problem, but I feel like the only PA mom who didnt know about Candy Corn. I learned an important lesson, to check this board more often!!

On Oct 28, 1999

I called Brach's last week and they said that the candy corn is not safe for peanut allergic should say may contain traces of peanuts. But, if it doesn't, still don't eat it!

On Oct 29, 1999

Thank you for calling Brach's and posting!!! I haven't had a chance to call, so I've hidden the candy corn. Now I'm going to throw it away!! It definitely does not have a warning on it. } [img][/img]

On Nov 5, 1999

I've seen the same warnings on candy corn. also, since peanut is in the legume family: if anyone is allergic to soy, they should avoid Brach's candy corn... it contains soy protein. (*darn!*)

On Mar 1, 2000

I too, called Brachs about candy corn. They said do not let your son eat them. I asked them to please change the labeling. I always call before I let him eat anything new. I have called Just Born, Inc. They make Peeps for Easter and have safe jelly beans. They only have one factory which is peanut and nut free. I am thrilled about this. They are sending a product list. On another matter, my son's school is making bird nest cookies with Chow Mein noodles and butterscotch chips and jelly beans. I bought the Teenie Beanie jelly beans for him (Just Born) and I will order Vermont chips. Does anyone know about chow mein noodles? I called Hunt Wesson (they were not open yet - CA time). Even if they say ok - I will still be nervous about them. Any suggestions what we can use in place of them. They were to melt the chips in the noodles and make a nest. Thanks everyone! I just found the site and I am thrilled to share information with all of you.

On Mar 1, 2000

Wow! I am so sorry to hear that the Brach's line of Candy Corn is not a "sweet source" for my son! He just had them two weeks ago and enjoyed the heck out of them. I am so relieved that he didn't have a reaction. Thank you for posting the information.

We have noticed the Farley candies have the "may contain... labels" ... wonder why Brach's hasn't begun labeling their product. Thanks, again for posting the information.

On Mar 9, 2000

I sent the Farley's Candy Corn label into my school nurse and she uses it for the teacher training. They have a list of May Contains for every known nut (it seems) e.g. peanuts, cashews, walnuts, etc.

To my surprise, sending in this wrapper definately had the biggest impact on the teachers. I have purchased the FAN school program, booklets, cards, trainers, videos, etc. for the school but when I speak to the teachers they always say "I can't believe that Candy Corn could contain nuts". It definately supports the "You have to look into EVERY product" that I'm always chanting!

On Mar 9, 2000

Hi dmh,

I don't know where I read it, but someone suggested to use broken pretzel sticks in place of the Chinese noodles. Hope this helps!