Aren't all candy unsafe? Which ones are OK. Even the Halloween smarties, aero etc.. in mini versions, are indicated with a May Contain Traces warning. Which Halloween candy are OK. I always thought that they were all bad. What we do at Halloween is let our daughter go trick or treating and let her look at the candy but then we exchange the candy for a small gift.

On Oct 17, 2001

Check out the previous threads under the Manufactur section. Trebor Allan Candy and SPangler Candy products are still considered safe. I got this info from previous thread and checked out the websites today. Peeps are also safe. They make marshmellow pumpkins this time of year. I bought a package yesterday.

On Oct 17, 2001

Hi Mommy...

The Halloween mini size Smarties, Aero, Coffee Crisp and Kit Kat are 100% safe - no peanuts... the warning is only on the label because at one time Nestle Canada thought of using nuts, but they quickly cancelled the idea and they are changing packaging now. For details see [url=""][/url]

Also, most if not all Trebor Allan is safe (fuzzy peach, swedish berries, sour patch kids, etc) - the Trebor Allan labels are correct - if there is no warning they are safe to eat - see [url=""][/url] for info on Trebor Allan.

Mars/Effem mini candy (Skittles, Starburst) is safe... Unfortunately, Mars/Effem mini chocolate bars (Mars, Twix, Three Muskateers, etc) and Cadbury/Neilson mini bars (Caramilk, Dairy Milk, etc) are NOT safe (as indicated on the labels).

On Oct 18, 2001


Are you speaking strictly for Canadian products? I checked Mommy's profile and saw she is from Canada.

Kit Kats in US are not safe - pretty sure the mini ones aren't either.

On Nov 4, 2001

Hi Lam...

Sorry for the delay.. I missed your posting...

Yes. I am only talking about in Canada. The Canadian Kit Kats and mini-Kit Kats are made by Nestle Canada in a nut-free factory - 100% safe. Teh Kit Kats made by Nestle UK and exported to many other countries are also 100% safe.

Unfortunately, Hershey/Reese makes Kit Kats in the USA and they are not safe, as they "may contain peanuts".

On Nov 4, 2001

I have to disagree with the last post regarding the KitKat bites not being safe in the US. If you call Hershey, they will tell you that it depends on the label. It is the same situation with Rice Krispie treats. Of course, everyone has their own comfort level as well. Arlene

On Nov 4, 2001

I have never seen Kit Kat bites before (they do not have them in Canada), so my post is regarding the Kit Kat bars themselves. It seems all the Kit Kat bars I have seen in the USA say "May contain peanuts". Even the new "Big Kat" bar has that warning. In Canada, all Kit Kats are 100% safe.

What are Kit Kat bites? Are they like tiny Kit Kats? They sound tasty. It is good they are nut free, so that peanut allergic people can eat them. When I am in the USA next time, I must try some.

Like you said, the best thing to do is always read labels, as a product that is safe today may not be safe next week if the manufacturing environment changes.

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