Canadian Girl Guide Cookies

Posted on: Sat, 02/09/2002 - 5:12am
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Hey Erik,if your reading, your so good at knowing a lot of safe foods to eat, are Canadian Girl Guide cookies safe?
Husband just ordered a couple chocolate something cookies from a friend. He did have this 5 or 6 year old ask if they were safe and she said she checked it out and found out yes they were safe.
Not going to give them to my son anyway, just wanted to find out if the information she is giving is correct.

Thank to anyone that can help.

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Posted on: Sat, 02/09/2002 - 5:37am
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This is the email I received from Linda Elliot, Giirl Guides Rolling Hills Area Product Marketing Adviser:
"Thank you for your note. Here is some information that may be of interest to you. The Girl Guide sandwich cookies that are sold in the spring contain no nuts and are baked in a nut-free factory in Montreal. The chocolatey mint cookies that are sold in the fall contain no nuts but are baked in a Dad's factory in Toronto that is not nut-free. It is for that reason that the fall packaging cannot say that the package is nut-free. Beginning in 2003, our Girl Guide cookies will be made by Dare Foods, Ltd. They have been made by Christie Brown (which was bought by Nabisco, which was bought by Kraft) for over forty years. I would expect that since new recipes will be developed and new practices will be put into place, and since there has been heightened awareness of food allergies over the past few years, these concerns will be addressed by the committee that negotiates with Dare."

Posted on: Sat, 02/09/2002 - 6:14am
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Thanks River!
It's been a long time since I have had girl guide cookies. I just remember liking the maple sandwich ones?
So the sandwich ones are totally safe that you buy in the spring (like now)ha!ha!
and the ones that they make in the fall are not totally safe.
Thanks again!

Posted on: Sat, 02/09/2002 - 6:43am
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Yes, that is the same thing I have always heard too. The chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookeis are safe, but the chocolate mint cookies may contain peanuts. They are always labelled this way each year.
As was mentioned, Dare is taking over the Girl Guide cookies next year, so we'll have to wait and see what the manufacturing conditions will be.
Enjoy the cookies! [img][/img]

Posted on: Tue, 02/12/2002 - 2:11am
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Yes, my 5 year old is a "Spark". They tried to give her cookies in the fall to bring home and sell. She said "are they may contain"? The leader told her yes they were and turned to me and said I could just donate $25 or $30 instead of taking the cookies. I don't think so!!
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Posted on: Tue, 02/12/2002 - 2:39am
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I called Girl Guides of Canada national office to ask about this and they told me that Dare has promised them a nut-free facility for the Girl Guide cookies. I was really glad to hear it.
Now I am curious about how Dare is going to accomplish that; if I remember correctly, every last cookie and cracker made by Dare is either nutty or 'may contain'.

Posted on: Sun, 02/22/2004 - 4:35am
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Anonymous (not verified)

This thread is two years old. Does anyone know current information?
This years cookies are made by Dare - with no allergy alert - but also doesn't actually say peanut free.

Posted on: Sun, 02/22/2004 - 7:08am
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Hi Anna Marie,
Yes, the Dare girl guide cookies should be safe, but I'll have to go check out the Dare web site later to look up the info. I'll post what I find [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 02/22/2004 - 12:36pm
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The cookies are safe.. From their website:

Posted on: Sun, 02/22/2004 - 11:27pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks Erik. I was pretty sure Dare listed for alerts.

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 8:35am
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Anonymous (not verified)

This board is super! [img][/img]
I just scarfed down six chocolate mint Girl Guide cookies. Not like the Girl Guide cookies I remember from olden days at all (although I did love those as well [img][/img] )
Kids are both on an unexpected play date and I thought, you know, you should check about these cookies.
Made by Dare. No allergy alert. Dare, IMHO, has always been really good about allergy alerts.
Then, read the first part of the thread, and think, oh no, they aren't "safe". Continue reading to find out that yes, the thread has been up-dated (something I am very guilty of often not doing [img][/img] ) and they are "safe".
Really pleased. Thank-you. [img][/img]
Best wishes! [img][/img]


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