I am going to Nova Scotia ( Ihave been before with no troubles) but not in 2 years. They did not at the time I visited last have labeling laws about products.... Do they now? Can anyone tell about it?

just curious

On Jun 6, 2008

Try this ... [url=""][/url]

I feel very comfortable buying stuff here. I have called companies b4 when we just found out and was told by them that they have to list the top 10.

I do notice that if the product has peanuts in the ingred. they dont list may contain since its listed above - so u cant just look for the allergy info. You have to read the ingred. as well.

Lots of products now have the no nut symbol right on the front which is very handy cuz the kids can see it right away and they get excited when they can have it.

On Jun 6, 2008

You could also try this link. There's a section about food allergens if you scroll down towards the bottom.


On Jun 6, 2008

Thank you Janet! I actually bought from peanut free plant and the quaker bars have that not nuts thing onthe label! I thought that was great! I wish they would do that here! Thanks for the info! Therese

On Jun 6, 2008

Thankyou happy cat! this is helpful!