Can you recommend an allergist in Phoenix area or northern Arizona?


Hoping that someone has a recommendation for an allergist (not pediatric) who knows PA in Arizona - Phoenix area or north? Thanks.

On Oct 29, 2005

Hi, We go to Arizona Asthma & Allergy - Glendale office 602-843-2991. We usually see Dr. Morgan or Dr. Van Osdol and both have been excellent.

On Oct 30, 2005

Thanks donmary! I have made an appointment with Dr. Kevin Boesel at Az Asthma & Allergy. Do you know anything about him?

On Oct 30, 2005

Hi Adele, Yes, we have seen Dr. Boesel once last year re: a PA reaction. We thought he was also excellent and we would see him again. We have been going to this group for about 4 or 5 years and have been very happy with the doctors. Mary

On Oct 30, 2005

We have seen Dr. Bosel also and thought he was really good, although I think he specializing in pediatrics, but some of the other docs there do adults. I wasn't too fond of one of the Phy. assistants there, no real reason - but just didn't feel totally comfortable and kinda rushed... and oh yeah now I remember - I felt like I was made to feel over protective when I asked for a script for a steriod to use just in case of reaction but he did it anyway, because I was a nurse... Whenever I have called on the phone and asked for a script whether it be for steriod, zyrtec, new Epis (I like to carry 4-6) they fill it right away. I would say overall I am very happy with Arizona Asthma and Allergy Institute in Glendale. I like Dr. Morgan too. Now, how about an Arizona PA meeting? Andrea

On Oct 30, 2005

Andrea & Mary, Thanks so much for letting me know about Dr. Boesel! I'm relieved to hear that you like him. When I made the appointment the office 'assigned' me to Dr. Boesel so he must treat adults also.

Mary, I'm hoping to organize a PA picnic in Sedona in late June of '06. I think Andrea already knows about it. Are you interested? I live in Oak Creek Canyon just north of Sedona. Was hoping to have the picnic at Slide Rock State Park...if I can reserve an area for a group. Otherwise there are group picnic areas on the creek in Sedona.

I'll post information closer to the date.

On Oct 30, 2005

Adele, Yes, we're interested in attending the PA picnic. Sounds like fun & we'll be looking forward to it! Thanks, Mary

On Oct 30, 2005

DonMary, Do you live in the Glendale area? I am always looking for moms in the area to talk with regarding PA? We are north of Union Hills west of 1-17. You can email me privately if you like at [email][/email]. Thanks Andrea