can you help me with this question?


william has outgrown all his egg allergy last year. However just recently started complaining again that high egg foods are making his lips tingle and throat hurt.

Is this a normal pattern for allergic kids ? anyone?.............well, as normal as normal can be for the food allergic!


On Mar 6, 2007

I personally would have him re-tested. Best of luck and keep us updated.

On Mar 6, 2007

My dd outgrew egg allergy after being anaphylactic to egg and this did not happen to her. I think you should get him tested also. I would get a cap rast, since skin test can stay positive after they have outgrown the allergy. Dd`s allergist said egg allergy almost never comes back, but it sounds like your ds`s might have.

On Mar 6, 2007

Speaking from experience.... "almost never" doesn't mean it can't happen. [img][/img]

DD had milk regularly... she [i]loves[/i] cheese. But she is [i]definitely[/i] allergic again, after four years without any evidence that she was "still allergic." Were her RAST values ever zero? No-- and that's the key, I think. Personally, I think that her allergy simply became "subclinical" for a time, and has now emerged from hibernation for reasons we can't really know. Her skin test [i]was negative[/i] and still was when she became symptomatic again, for that matter. We no longer care whether it is negative or positive.

I'd get him tested again.... and if it continues (and symptoms respond to meds) then to heck with whatever the test says... if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.... well. We no longer care if the allergist says "That can't possibly be a real duck."

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On Mar 6, 2007

I know I put it somewhere here on the boards, but we have had problems with our EA son.

He always tested low, but then at the last allergist visit for him he tested negative for a skin test. The doctor told us to do a food challenge. Which we did. He ate eggs in a variety of forms..... scrambled, fried, in food, mayo.... you name it.... he ate it (as long as it was safe for our PA/TNA son too). No problems, so we thought. I think we did the challenge on a Sunday or a Monday. We ate eggs & egg foods again heavily for a few days, then the novelty wore off, and we just started to eat "normal". I even started to forget that we had them available to eat. Anyway, the next week (it was either Tuesday or Wednesday) I gave him a Morningstar burger and he broke out in hives & splotches with the first bite.

Back to the allergist, who deemed him EA again. We've been avoiding since that day. Of course, with his starting kindergarten in the fall, we have to figure out what is going on. With events surrounding our other son, we've been a bit remiss on figuring out all this EA business. He did go to the doctor on Friday though, and got a blood test to retest for his EA, plus the other big 8 and some environmental.

What I can say with the EA, and our son, is that everything about it has run atypically. It hasn't followed the model. And it isn't because I think the allergist has done anything wrong, or that the correct procedures weren't followed in things either. It just hasn't gone the way it "should". We, of course, have gotten used to that arbitrariness in a way.

We are actually hoping that his latest test comes back with numbers for egg, because the fact that in the past he hasn't tested positive, but still reacts, makes it very hard, and will make it even harder when it comes to dealing with the school.

So, is it normal for EA to be so abnormal? Well, in our case, I'd say yes. Maybe a bunch of us abnormals can clump together though and become the norm. Normally Abnormal. [img][/img]

On Mar 7, 2007

totally depressed now. will ring hospital for advice. thanks sarah

On Mar 7, 2007

I always go with symptoms over test results. If he says his lips are tingling after eating egg, then I'd go with that. Test results can come out false positive and false negative as we are all well aware.

Go with what he tells you is my advice. Have him retested but bear in mind that if it comes back negative again that is not 100% proof (e.g. the lab totally screwed up my 4 yo's bloods on his RAST and he came back positive for penicillin and negative for dairy and egg although a tiny bit of spilled milk made him break out in bad hives. Retest showed allergy to milk and eggs and none to penicillin)

In the meantime, I would absolutely not give him anything with eggs in it because you could be building up the IGE level again.


On Mar 7, 2007

I had a similar situation with egg. My son was not anaphylactic allergic, but touching raw eggs would cause itchiness, hives. I had never given him a whole scrambled egg, only the yolk which was fine. Then, later skin test confirmed the allergy. I didn't strictly avoid, meaning he ate eggs in baked goods, etc just never a straight up egg. We had cap and skin test, both negative. He ate some scrambled eggs was fine. A few days later, he wanted them again and ate a lot of them....had hives on his lip and chin. He touched a raw egg to crack it and got itchy. This was 6 months ago. After that, no more problems. He eats eggs often and nothing. I don't get it....

On Mar 7, 2007

I don't know if this will help you, but.....Both my dds test mildly postitive to eggs, but neither have any reaction that we can tell. Our allergist said it is fine for them to eat eggs, but if we ever have any problems, we should cut out eggs first remembering that it is postitive in testing.

Good luck. Patty

On Mar 9, 2007

have been trying to get in contact with allergy nurses at the hospital, but although leaving messages , no one has come back to me. am soooo fed up with this!!

just venting, in fact am spitting nails !!! sarah

On Mar 9, 2007

I'm hoping that you will hear something soon Sarah. That is miserable that nobody is getting back to you.

I wanted to add that we got the test results back for our DS (the EA one). He finally shows up on the scale now. He tested Class 2. I'm actually pretty happy with it because for so long now we've been told his numbers were so low, to non-existant, negative on skin test -- then that whole business with the challenge. I at least feel now that we've got somewhere to start (at least when it comes to talking to the allergist & dealing with the school). It has been really hard all this time to be saying he is EA -- you know, us knowing it -- but having his tests come back negative. Now we've got something.

Yeah, sure, now we've got a bunch of other stuff to add into the mix -- but at least there is some vindication this time.

Now I just have to figure out if what we have in our yard is Kentucky Bluegrass or Johnson's. I have a hunch we have a combo of both.......... adding botonist to the jobs falling under the title "MOM".

On Mar 9, 2007

my son is a class 3 to egg white and a class 2 to yolk...I think any chance of outgrowing is past and I think it is because he has had bad reactions from raw eggs(so a higher sensitivity to it). He licked cake batter once and his throat started squeezing, also when he tasted(small taste) of lemon merange pie, same throat squeezing. But weird thing about eggs, he's never had problems with baked goods. I just keep all away from him now(he used to eat baked goods, but no more), since doing so, his eczema has gotten SO much better. I have asked several times to explain egg allergies to me, why can they react to egg one way, but not the other(like the same cake batter that his neck squeezed, his dad gave him a piece of the cake once it was cooked and nothing happened)....I get answers about cooking and breaking up of protien...that just confuses people more, I wish it were black and white, yes or no....not maybe , try it and see!!!

I did have to comment on saknjmom...we just laid Kentucky Blue Grass in our backyard(new house, we had to lay sod)....and wouldn't you know, my oldest 2 are allergic. Pretty badly too Sidney's scratch was 52/19(she gets hives if she lays in it) that is a challenge "remember NOT to lay in the grass" poor kid!

------------------ Chanda(mother of 4) Sidney-8 (beef and chocolate, grasses, molds, weeds, guinea pig & asthma) Jake-6 (peanut, all tree nuts, eggs, trees, grasses, weeds, molds, cats, dogs, guinea pig & eczema & asthma) Carson-3 1/2 (milk, soy, egg, beef and pork, cats, dog, guinea pig and EE) Savannah-1 (milk and egg)

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On Mar 9, 2007

When my DD was tested, she showed positive for peanuts and eggs (dust mites also). But she seemed to tolerate eggs ok in quiche. The allergist said that she could continue to eat it but a few years later she came home and said her mouth was itchy after eating some quiche I had give to her for school lunch. Next time we had it she again complained about itchy mouth, I checked and found some small hives around her lips. She was about 6-7 (now 14) when this happened and probably explained why she didn't like "cakes". She hasn't had any eggs since and last SPT was positive but only mild. Recently she has had small bits of cake (chocolate/lammingtons). Hopefully she will grow out of this allergy in time as suggested by the Allergist.