Can you all help me out..


I need to put a list together to ask the dr. on Mon. Me and him are to sit and he's going to tell me want I need to know. I just want to make sure I miss nothing. So I want to bring in a list to ask him. Thanks Valerie

On Aug 4, 2000

Chasie..need some more how old is the child, is it just pa or others, school age or not?

Things to ask...well ask about other names for peanut ask about medication, what to do, how to do it, when to do it, what to do after meds are given. what to do for hives, what to do if you are not sure if peanut was ingested, certain foods to stay away from..such as chili. what to teach your son, what to teach others around you, how to handle school and what authorizations you need (if child is in school), or daycare for that matter. What temp to keep medicine at, where you should keep medicine, labeling of foods. Ask if he/she is airborne or touch anaphylactic. Discuss an emergency plan for you to follow and others...that is all I can think of at this point and time...going on vacation there's a question for you...what to do on vacation, what to bring with you and how much..I'd go into it, but you do not want toknow what I have had to pack for this weeklong trip out of'd think I was a doctor with the meds I have to bring. Well good luck..hope I helped a little bit. Kim

On Aug 4, 2000

If you look on these boards (I just did a search for "doctor" and found this thread below) there are many threads and posts about questions to ask.

Here is a link to one of the threads on the PeanutAllergy.Com Main Discussion Board. [url=""][/url]

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On Aug 5, 2000

Thanks for the help. He is 20 mths, and at the time of the test all they said was to stay away from peanuts. I will check out the other bb's too. thanks Valerie

On Aug 5, 2000

I would read read read and then ask the Dr. 1. What type of test have you given to determine your childs allergy to peanuts. 2. Isnt it true that the score of the test really has to bearing on the possible reaction? 3. When to use Epi versus Benadryl, and is it ok to administer the Epi in the better safe than sorry catagory 4. How to read for peanut labels 5. How to clean up peanut butter (schools etc)

basically the same thing the previous poster told you! My first visit to the allergist was a bust. I expected that the Dr would tell us how to manage his allergy. Nothing was further from the truth! Same thing.. just stay away from peanuts.. but no information on how to do that! the nurse in the office told me it was just a moderate allergy.. so she seemed to think i was over reacting when i requested in writing ER instructions! we changed allergists and i went prepared with questions etc and basically just had him confirm i was on the right track. make emergency plans and practice them! our children are about the same age! 12/13/98 good luck ps i bought a medic alert bracelet too. for some people it adds legitimacy to his allergy.