Can We Persuade Contential Airlines to be more PA-Friendly

Posted on: Mon, 03/26/2001 - 3:34pm
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pYou only have to read the Airlines Board to realise how badly representatives of this airlines have treated pa-passengers and would-be /
Let's try to let the "man at the top" know we're not satisfied!/p
pGordon Bethune is Contential's Chairman and CEO. Here is a link where 'suggestion's' can be sent. I don't know how many response he will view himself (only his name is on the bottom of the form) but it may be a start. I will keep /
Use this link and then click on General Information to get the form illustrated belowbr /
[url=""][/url] /p
pContact Customer Carebr /
Your comments and suggestions help us make Continental a better airline, and there's more than one way to reach us. Please use the form below to send us email, call 1-800-WE CARE 2, or mail us at: /p
pContinental Airlinesbr /
Customer Care -- HQSCRbr /
P.O. Box 4607br /
Houston, TX 77210-4607 /p
pThank you, /p
pGordon Bethune /p
pEmail Address: /p
pSubject: /p
pStreet Address: /p
pCity: /p
pState: /p
pZip: /p
pOffice Phone Number: /p
pHome Phone Number: /p
pDate Of Flight: /p
pFlight Number: /p
pFrom:br /
To:br /
OnePass Account Number: /p
pDear Gordon,br /
Let me help you improve Continental: /p
pWould you like a response from someone at Continental?br /
Yes No /p
p(Please double check to ensure you have completely and accurately entered your E-mail address in the blank above. Continental will not be able to respond to your message if we do not receive this information.) /p
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