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can food allergy start on feet

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Last night I got this mysterious allergic reaction which started on my feet, extremely itchy and all red, then it went up to my whole leg in hives and itchy. I took Benadryl at 2:00 am and it finally went away, but now it is returning. I want to know can a food allergy start on the feet? or would it be more an allergy to something exterior like chlorine in a pool? And if it would be the chlorine would it return the next day? Thanks for replying.

On Jun 25, 2005

Well, it could really be anything. I would start with contact things though, although it could be food related.

Just thinking about my own hives that I have suffered through for about a year. Sporadic, mostly on the hands and feet and front of legs. Sometimes all over though. I've known for 25 years that I've been allergic to nickel, however, so as not to lose my key rings/keys during the course of my daily travels, I've looped them on my fingers like a ring. This would account for the sporadic nature. Somedays when I didn't go out, I would have a good day with very few, if any, hives. Others would be miserable.

My contact allergy has most likely been the cause for my body hives because of nickel overload. Sweating just makes it worse.

Since this discovery two weeks ago, I've had the best two weeks in a year. My hands and ankles are FINALLY seeing improvement. No topical ointments or Benadryl were working effectively either.

Soooo nice to be relatively itch free! But I did start thinking at some point maybe it was food, but it wasn't. Although I knew that key rings and keys can contain nickel, this really didn't dawn on me for the longest time that this was the problem. I sew a lot, and sometimes my nickel-plated pins will cause my finger tips to itch if I'm not careful. I try to use ball-tip pins whenever possible and virtuallh\ throw them at my magnetic pin holder to get them off my fingers as quickly as possible. That really helps.

Probably one of the most useful things to do is to ask yourself if you've been doing anything different, or exposed to anything different. Sometimes that will help identify the allergen.

Good luck!

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On Jun 25, 2005

Could it be possible that you were stung by a bee or other insect?

I stepped on a bee and had the same type of reaction you are describing. It started out with itchy foot and swelling and then it moved slowly up my legs.

As far as the daughter was in competitive swimming and yes you can develop an allergy to chlorine. We had one mother who could not even sit in the pool because the smell made her sick.

On Jun 26, 2005

When William had his 1st reaction to peanut a few weeks later we bought him some sandals at Payless and he would get hives on his feet from them. That doesn't happen now and I don't know what about the sandals would have caused the problem - he just seemed to be hypersensitive to things he normally wouldn't be sensitive to.

Not sure that helps but thought I'd mention it. I would think something touching your feet is causing a problem - like shoes. Hope you can figure it out!

On Jun 26, 2005

Thank you all so much for your replys. I think that I could have stung by a bee,but I didn't feel a thing, would I have felt something? I also ate lots of different foods and went swimming and walked around barefoot. Right now I'm OK but it might come back. Thanks