Can epi-pen use harm my daughter?

Posted on: Mon, 10/25/1999 - 7:46am
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My 2 year old daughter has had two reactions since she was born - both times she got immediate swelling and hives. Benedryl was administered and worked fine. Now her allergist says to administer the epi-pen if I even suspect that she was exposed, that it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm still not clear though on what the effect of the epi-pen is if her reaction is still only the hives and swelling. The allergist says that her next reaction "COULD BE" life threatening. Has anyone here administered the epi-pen at just the hint of a possible reaction??

Thank you!

Posted on: Mon, 10/25/1999 - 9:04am
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My 4 yr old PA son had his first reaction at 15 months after eating a peanut. This reaction was only immediate vomiting after ingestion. Each reaction has gradually become quicker and more severe. The last reaction he had was after eating sweet tarts, that his cousin (who had had a PBJ sandwich for lunch) was hand feeding him. This reaction began within 15 min with stomach upset and then wheezing----I gave him the epi and called 911. Thank God his syptoms were gone by the time EMS came. I do not regret giving him the epi--who knows how bad this reaction could have become. I will not hesitate to administer it (epi). Especially now that he reacts much more quickly.

Posted on: Mon, 10/25/1999 - 3:27pm
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I truly understand your concern! I gave the Epi to my 22 month old son even though I wasn't sure what was causing the reaction. Our ped said to give the Epi at the first sign of a reaction since there could be things happening internally that we obviously wouldn't be aware of. I was very scared to give the Epi! I called the dr's office for support, while holding the Epi to my son's thigh. They said "Do it and take him right to the ER". I did and everything turned out fine. He had no adverse effects and was himself within the hour - all signs of his reaction were gone. I will definitely give it again at the first sign of reaction. By the way, the extent of my son's reactions has been hives and facial swelling.


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