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Can an adult develop PA

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This is probably a dumb question, but can adults develop this later in life after having eaten peanut products all of their life. From the postings, it looks like something your born with and find as a child early on, not something that develops when your an adult.

Thanks, Wendy

On Oct 11, 1999

Yes, adults can develop alergy to peanuts (as weel as other foods including shellfish, strawberries etc).

On Oct 11, 1999

Yes, I'm 28 and have just been disgnosed with an allergy to walnuts. I've been eating peanuts and treenuts all my life. It1s extremely depressing and confusing - I1m too scared to try peanuts now even though they might be OK.

On Oct 11, 1999

YES! Before my food allergies began at age 26, I ate more peanut products than anybody I have ever seen. My food allergies developed after my first child was born and apparently, this is not uncommon. It seems that the immune system can be affected by the shifting hormones. I have since met other women who also have adult onset food allergies that started after the birth of their first child--strange, huh?! EST--Hang in there. I remember when I was first diagnosed--it really is a difficult time, but you will feel better. Allow yourself some time to grieve because severe food allergies are a life altering condition. See if there is a support group in your area or someone in your area who might be dealing with the same issues. Find an excellent allergist or immunologist who really listens and will provide good care. Make sure that your healthcare provider gives you clear instructions on what to do in the event that you have an allergic reaction and talk to him/her if you have any questions or conflicts with his/her gameplan. Some of the things that probably seem so difficult now (reading the ingrediants of everything) and finding foods that are safe to eat WILL GET EASIER!

On Oct 22, 1999

What would be your first sign? I think I may be a bit Nuerotic since finding out about my sons PA, but I go through phases when I am extremely itchy, and feel light-headed. I've been to my PCP and an allergist - neither can find that I have any allergies, except slightly to molds and ragweed. Sometimes after I've eaten something I'll feel my throat tighten and my next and ears and head get very itchy. Then I think I make myself worse by worrying. Can anyone shed somelight?

On Nov 1, 1999

MCouchie, I don't think you sound neurotic! When I first began having symptoms I was told that it wasn't a food allergy--just allergic rhinitis...hayfever. Well, I have had hayfever my whole life and this was not the same. I should have been more assertive, but I thought well, if the MD says it isn't then it isn't. Of course I was not food allergy tested at the time. I really thought that I was crazy, neurotic, a hypochondriac, etc. I had alot of throat tightening which was dismissed as nasal congestion, etc. Then came the pivotal day when I was eating peanut butter crackers and my throat swelled. Because of this, I was food allergy tested and I reacted to everything except pears and broccoli! I had three 4+ foods. Did you get food tested or just tested for pollens, etc?

Also, it is quite common for a person allergic to certain pollens to have some cross sensitivies with foods. I can't remember all of the specifics, but it seems that a ragweed allergy could cause a sensitivity to melons and I think avocados. Mold, too, can be present in foods and environmentally. Trust in yourself and in the clues your body is giving you. Don't be afraid to change physicians until you find someone who will work with you to figure out what is going on. Good Luck!

On Nov 1, 1999

Reactivity to apple pollen can cause reactivity to raw (but not cooked) apples. my other (non pa-allergic) son has this "food" allergy and I met a peanut allergic boy who has it.

On Dec 6, 1999

Hi All,

I received a call from my sister-in-law today to let me know she had just come home from the allergist and has been diagnosed with an allergy to peanuts. She is 27 years old!

Three weeks ago she was eating a peanut butter cup and her tongue starting swelling and her throat started to close. They called 911 and off to the emergency room she went. She then saw her doctor and then an allergist.

My 5 year old son was diagnosed at the age of 10 months so he doesn't know what he is missing by not having peanut products. I really feel for you all being diagnosed in your adulthood. Now I see this allergy in a whole other light. To go from eating something you love to never being able to have it again...what a blow!

I have introduced this site to her and hopefully she will come aboard!! She is in a state of shock right now. I know she will find awesome support here!

Stay Safe.