Can a rash be the only symptom?


HI all, I am new to the site, here on a recommendation of a friend.

My 11 month old daughter has twice had a rash a day after a peanut product exposure. The first was direct (rinsed off noodles) the second was thru bm, after eating a "afe" food. I have been avoiding since the first reaction, since I suspected PA, despite my dr saying its not possible.

We see a ped allergist Dec 3, and hope to have testing done, but in the mean time I am wondering what your experience is.

The rash the first time was all over, this was the time she ingested. The most recent time was only on her torso. It is a rash that looks like a heat rash, or even little pimples, almost like baby acne.

Is this the baby version of hives? Is a rash a reaction? Or is it a huge coincidence?


Lynn and Piper

On Oct 31, 2004


It's really hard to say whether or not the rash was related to peanut exposure ( yes, a rash can be the only symptom), but it's probably wise to keep an 11 month old away from peanut anyway. This especially applies if you have any family history of allergy to anything at all (cats, pollen, dust), not just foods.

Let us know how the testing goes.



On Oct 31, 2004

Hi Amy, we do stay away, unfortunately the first time my SIL didnt think the noodles would have soaked up the peanut sauce. The second time I had a food that was misrepresented to me. We steer clear of peanuts til 3 years because of my husbands history of allergies (no food tho), even tho our older children have no problems.

Thanks for the welcome!