Campbells Soups...Safe?

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Hi, sorry for all the posts...I am new here, and just getting my bearings to help my PA daughter. you guys use Capbells soups?

thank you

On Mar 16, 2008

I do use Campbell's Cream of Mushroom from time to time...I have recently switched to Wolfgang Puck for Chicken Noodle and Vegetable. We've never had any problem with either brand.

edited to add my daughter is PA only...if your child has additional allergies, you'd want to check it out for all her allergens...I usually call the manufacturer for specific information...also, you can run a search on this site...just use the search feature at the top and you'll see several threads re Campbell's soup...

On Mar 16, 2008

I had searched here and many parents do not feel comfortable with Campbell soups. We deal with peanut allergy only and sometimes, these cans of soup really come in handy for quick meals. We use the "kiddo" ones - Dora shape chicken soup, Stars...etc

On Mar 17, 2008

My dd regularly has Campbell's soups with no problems ever. They are actually one of her favourites. I'm not surprised that there are many different views here. Allergies are not as someone has previously said, a one size fits all model. I'm sorry to hear of those families that have had reactions but my daughter isn't one of them.

Newallergymom, please don't apologize for multiple posts. This is what we are here to do, help each other the best we can.