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Californians: Act NOW to help pass vital legislation to protect school-age kids!

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Californians, we need your help! AB 2132 and SB 1912, bills that protect a California student

On Sep 7, 2004

Alternatively, you can also Take Action on this issue via my website:


On Sep 13, 2004

Only a few weeks left to influence the Governor!

On Sep 23, 2004


We have [b]one week left (at most) [/b] to urge the Gov. to sign this legislation.

If you haven't already done so, PLEASE take a moment to go to [url=""][/url] and follow the directions to e-mail him.

On Sep 24, 2004


On Sep 26, 2004

Bumping for final push!

On Sep 28, 2004

The Governor's office announced today via press release that he signed both SB 1912 & AB 2132!!!

As a result, California will now have uniform policy statewide that, subject to the provisions of the bill, students will be able to carry their asthma meds and Epi-pens at school!

Thanks to all Californians who took the time to advocate for this life-saving legislation.

On Sep 29, 2004


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On Sep 29, 2004

By the way, SB 1912, which permits pupils to carry and self-administer auto-injectable epinephrine is effective immediately.

AB 2132, which will permit pupils to carry and self-administer inhaled asthma medication, will be effective 1/1/05.

Each bill spells out the details, but essentially, school must recieve a written statement from doctor and written statement from parent granting permission (these statements need to be renewed annually).

On Oct 27, 2004


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