Cake Mate writing icing


Has anyone use these before? I went to their website and got an "call us for information" FAQ page. Not professional at all. Ot of the topic for a minute - I was at the post office this afternoon, and right there at the window, all the empolyees are snacking at peanuts! "sighs" I had to wipe clean my credit card after they handled it.

On Dec 13, 2007

I use cake mate all the time.

On Dec 13, 2007

thank you!

On Dec 28, 2007

This is made by Signature Brands (which is Betty Crocker). I think Betty Crocker is General Mills. Anyway, they do indeed label for cross-contamination of the top 8 on their icings/frostings and sprinkles. I have actually seen a "May Contain..." statement on one of their sprinkle bottles. Most are safe though.