Buy, buy, buy...this stuff is great and from a great company!

Posted on: Wed, 04/16/2003 - 3:33am
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I know it's been said in previous posts, and I know that some people have had trouble finding Philly Swirls, but.....

I just got off the phone with Alex Plotkin, a co-owner. These are really great guys who realize the marketing potential of the PA community. They are not dismissing us as a mere 3% of the population. They are seeing us as 4 million people without a current source of safe treats.

If you can find this stuff - buy it by the truckload! It tastes great and comes from a peanut/nut-free facilty. WE'VE BEEN SCREAMING THAT WE WANT A PEANUT FREE FACILITY AND NOW WE HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to support this company if we want them to continue their dedication to the cause. Suggest it to friends - even those without PA. I plan on getting everyone hooked on it. Make sure you call or write the company when you buy Philly Swirls. Tell them what you like and what you don't. Make sure they know how much easier this makes the life of a PA kid.

The sorbets are great - fruity "light" swirls. My DD and I have been fighting over cotton candy. We also tried the phudge swirls. Vanilla and chocolate on a stick. VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE and I never once looked at her to see if her lips were swelling! I get tears just thinking about it.

I would love to see Philly Swirls expand their business. New products, new flavors. Safe treats for a little girl whose life has very few treats at all. Let's make sure they know how much they mean to us!


OOPS - editing to apologize this was supposed to be under the original Philly Swirl thread. I will copy to there are well.

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Posted on: Tue, 04/22/2003 - 11:51am
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I bought and we love it!

Posted on: Sat, 05/03/2003 - 7:04am
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THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who have so many great things to say about Max and I and our products. If everyone out there continues to exert this much effort to educate and inform the grocery store managers and their corporate about the 4+ million people with the PEANUT/TREENUT allergy, Max and I can continue to do what we know best and that is to stay away from PEANUT/TREENUTS!!! Please believe me, I would really like to leave the PEANUTS for our competition to deal with!!!!! I know that I have mentioned this before, but PLEASE!!! call me at any "reasonable" eastern standard time and I would be happy to hear some comments and suggestions. My direct (cell phone) number is 813.477.41.59 and my TOLL-FREE office number is 1877.379.47.57. My email address is [email]ALEX@PHILLYSWIRL.COM[/email]. In the last few months I have spoken to approximately 300-400 parents who have children with the PEANUT/TREENUT allergy so therefore, if you do the math, I have approximately 3,999,600+ parents to speak with ASAP!!! Now my wife and I have to figure out what products contain soy and dairy and get rid of all of them or else our ZACHARY is NOT a happy camper!!! I look forward to hearing from all/some of you out there!!!
Alex Plotkin-owner/co-founder
DIRECT LINE-(cell)-813.477.41.59
TOLL FREE LINE- 877.379.47.57

Posted on: Mon, 06/02/2003 - 3:01am
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Thank you so much to all of you!!! We're still doing everything we can to stay peanut/tree nut-free, but I will be honest with you, IT'S getting HARDER & HARDER!!! We're actually working on two brand new concepts, one of which includes an ice cream sandwich!! Once again, to anyone out there who has any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to call me at the numbers that I have listed below, OR CALL ME COLLECT!!! AT THIS TIME, We really need all the advice that we can get!!! I have listed both my direct cell phone number as well as our TOLL-FREE number. Please give my numbers out to any parent out there that can help us!! I have heard hundreds of moms continue to say to me that they did not want to bother me!!! YOU ARE NOT BOTHERING ME!!!! As I have stated numerous times, my wife and I have a 13 month old son Zachary who seems to be leaning more & more toward the same allergies that all of your loved ones possess. Think of this as a CRY FOR HELP!!!! HELP US STAY PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE!!!!! I always here at your service!!
Alex Plotkin-owner/co-founder
TOLL FREE LINE-----------------877.379.47.57

Posted on: Mon, 06/02/2003 - 5:12am
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hmm, seems if have read this same post quite a few times today.....

Posted on: Mon, 06/02/2003 - 7:05am
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Hello again Codyman!!
I am so sorry to have offended you with my postings. You see Codyman, we receive approximately 50-75 phone calls/emails from around the U.S. and Canada from parents asking us what they can do to help us stay peanut/tree nut free. It seems that your family is just fine without our products and believe me, because of that there isn't anyone more happier then ME!!! If your purpose was to prevent me from EVER posting on this site again, you have fulfilled that purpose!! Thank you so much for all the effort. I will pass along your most sincere wishes to all of the parents. Have a great rest of the week!!
Alex Plotkin -owner/co-founder

Posted on: Mon, 06/02/2003 - 8:12am
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I took Mr Plotkin's similar posts to be an update for each of the Philly Swirl threads, so whichever one was read people could be updated. I thought it was considerate of someone who runs their own business to take the time to come here and post.
I certainly hope Mr. Plotkin reconsiders about not posting here as this is the only product my PA,soy,egg,dairy DS has been able to enjoy. There are many here who are grateful for your time and effort, and a product that I can hand my child that is worry free. That alone is priceless to me.

Posted on: Mon, 06/02/2003 - 2:03pm
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I hope to be able to try Philly Swirl sometime as I have heard so many good things about it. [img][/img]
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Posted on: Mon, 06/02/2003 - 3:12pm
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I personally think that Alex had a right to be offended (hopefully not to the degree that he won't post here anymore). He doesn't come here for anything but to get our comments on how to make a product for US and to try to HELP his product serve OUR needs. Sure he is in business and makes money, but so do all the other companies and how many of them come here to read our suggestions about what we want in a product.
My goodness, like there isn't enough bickering back and forth, now we rudely run off a person who is trying to help put stuff on the market that are kids can actually eat and ENJOY without us freaking out wondering if they are going to live through eating it.
I think that Codyman's comment would have been fine if it was a poster who is regular and familiar with the "do's and don'ts" of "properly" posting (if it's possible to even figure that out anymore), but IMO, his postings were an innocent attempt to reach each member who posted, not an attempt to bump up his product over anothers.
This man has taken his time as an owner of a company and contacted many many members personally by phone and emails, again I ask how many other companies have contacted you, or better yet, how many owners have contacted you? He may possibly be making money, but he is also spending it with phone calls and his investment of time.
We complain and complain about companies and the general public don't take us seriously and now that we finally have a manufacturer who is, we run them off...that's what this board is all about now?
*you* not directed at one particular poster, a general you is being implied.
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Posted on: Mon, 06/02/2003 - 3:24pm
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Hi Cam's Mom,
I don't see why Alex was so offended. Codyman wrote:
I don't mind reading about a new peanut/nut free item but 8-10 with the exact wording is too much!!! In my opinion.
Seems that Synthia shared the same thoughts.
I just found his response to be unprofessional in writing "Thank you so much for all the effort. I will pass along your most sincere wishes to all of the parents".
p.s. maybe I missed a posting as you wrote "now we rudely run off a person who is trying to help" but I do not see what posting was rude to him... people just said in their opinion, raising 8 threads with the identical post (word for word) is too much..
personally I would not have complained but after reading his response I did not think it was very professional (why would he say
he will pass along Codyman's sincere wishes to all the parents?)
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Posted on: Mon, 06/02/2003 - 11:14pm
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Quote:Originally posted by erik:
I don't see why Alex was so offended.
I do believe Alex's post in question comes after this comment:
Originally posted by Codyman:
[b]"think ALL these posts are over doing it a bit!!! think I will avoid the products"[/b]
Of course how people "read" into statements may be highly personal.
I *personally* find it confusing. ie: "Eating our own" (as one poster put it).
I only wish my the school system had taken as much interest in meeting the needs of my son (PA/NUTS/Some other Legumes/ASTHMA/ATOPIC IN GENERAL/Some special needs)
Edit to "close quotes".
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