Butterball grilled chicken


You get these in the meat/lunchmeat section, they come in plastic boxes. Are they PN/TN free? Here they are: [url="http://www.butterball.com/en/main_canvas.jsp?includePage=strips.jsp&t=Strips%20Products%20Landing%20Page&s0=products&s1=strips"]http://www.butterball.com/en/main_canvas...ducts&s1=strips[/url]

On Jul 30, 2007


On Jul 30, 2007

Hi Megan....I have called on their Turkey Slices....and told that they are nut free....but I have not called on these products. I haven't even seen them.

Maybe just give them a quick call....if I remember correctly they were pretty nice and helpful on the phone.

Good luck.

On Aug 1, 2007

I called on them and they said they don't use nuts and there is no cross contamination.