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My son is allergic to various nuts and mildly allergic to some citrus. Recently, however, he has had MAJOR hives all over his body about four hours after eating a burrito (Hi-Tech Burrito) and a taco (Rubio's). Neither place lists any nut ingredients for these products, and my son has eaten them before with no problems. My question is: does anybody know of another allergen that I should be looking for in Mexican food? I am wondering if my son is now allergic to something new that I have not identified yet. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

On Jul 15, 2006

Doesn`t Rubios use mango salsa? Is it possible that your child allergic to mango? Also, mango cross-reacts with two tree nuts. One is pistachio. I don`t remember what the other one is.

On Jul 15, 2006

I am not familiar with either of those restaurants. And I don't know what kind of burrito or taco he had, but if it involved fajita meat or chicken even, or if there was pico de gallo, lime juice could be involved. Or you should ask about peanut flour in the tortilla or mixed in with other ingredients.

And ask what was prepared on those surfaces ahead of time. There is a restaurant where the manager spent so much time with us beforehand and was very allergy aware. She went around pointing out to us what the ingredients were for everything--even what salsa contained pumpkin seeds (and DS can eat pumpkin seeds when we carve a pumpkin but she recognized there may be cross contamination issues). But he had a reaction anyway. The only thing we could figure out the next day was that the bean burrito mixture was prepared in the same area as the salsa with the pumpkin seeds--actually in the same blender.

You may check to see if they now use peanut oil.

On Jul 15, 2006

I did see nuts (walnuts I think) listed on some Low Carb tortillas in the grocery. They must be adding them in to provide more flavor for the less carbs.

Also mole sauce is typically made with nuts (walnuts, almonds, or peanuts).

On Jul 15, 2006


Originally posted by Carefulmom: [b]Doesn`t Rubios use mango salsa? Is it possible that your child allergic to mango? Also, mango cross-reacts with two tree nuts. One is pistachio. I don`t remember what the other one is.[/b]

It's cashew.

On Jul 15, 2006

First, I would like to say I'm sorry to hear of your son's reactions.

I had reactions, not hives, to Mex Food. I had (1) each beef and chicken fajita, rice, tortilla chips w/ chile con queso, and guacomole w/ tomatoes. That reaction caused rashes and GI problems the next day and not to mention unpleasant scratching on my legs and neck areas.

The second time, at a diffent resturant, this time, I opted for tortilla chips (no salsa), and for 3 beef (ground beef) tacos. As soon as I took a bite, my forehead felt it was on fire and it was way too "spicy" hot. Within an hour, I had a bump on the roof of my mouth (size of a grape). Benadryl took care of it. I also had GI problems the next day in addtion to scratching.

So, I started keeping a diary of the foods I had eaten...come to my surprise...I think it *could* have been the corn ingredients or the *unnameed* spices in pre-packaged foods (i.e. shells, tortilla chips, and straight corn for a side dinner one night at home, and the cheetos I had eaten nearly everyday).

On Jul 15, 2006

hiya -

If you go to Rubios website they have allergen info for each item on the menu. The only item with peanuts/tree nuts is the Baja Caesar Salad --- I asked at my Rubios and it's actually a "processed on the same equip" warning that comes with the salad dressing (Cilantro Lime).

Is he allergic to avocado?

Also - I do believe their marinades are citrus-y in nature...lots of lime juice for the marinade. You should be able to go in and ask the manager to read the ingredients on everything.


------------------ 30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

On Jul 16, 2006

Could it be soy in the tortillas?