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Burning Sensation in throat during anaphylactic reaction?

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Last week, I was in the hospital after having an anaphylatic reaction to a baked potato.When I first ate the potato, I had difficulty swallowing and immediatly took two liquid benadryl. My face began to break out in excema-like hives and my mouth and tongue began to swell. I felt extremely lightheaded and nauseous. As soon as I realized the symptoms I was having, I injected my epi pen into my leg. When I arrived at the hospital, I got an IV in my wrist and blood drawn. My symptoms started to disapeer as I was given medication. Thank God the doctor wanted to monitor me for 6 hours rather than the normal 4 hours because on the 5th hour, I was laying in my hospital bed when suddenly I felt this horrible burning in my throat(like if you were to swallow an entire bottle of vodka mixed with bad chemicals) I suddenly couldn't talk or breathe! I was terrified because my reactions had never been like this! At least 6 doctors were trying to help me with oxygen masks, IV fluid and epinephrine. I honestly thought I was gonna die because my throat was so constricted and burned incredibly. I remember feeling extremely dizzy and feeling like this was all a dream when I woke up with an oxygen mask on my face. I was admitted into paedratic care after I was finally able to breathe normally. Has anyone ever felt this before???

------------------------------------------------- Myself-anaphylatic to peanuts, all treenuts including sesame seeds and coconut,all seafood,tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, kiwis, dragonfruit, strawberries, oranges, avocados, mangoes,watermelon and mustard. Allergic to grapes,raspberries,blueberries,blackberries and cats. I also have a latex sensitivity and environmental allergies. Mom-allergic to crab and shrimp. Brother-outgrew environmental allergies Dad-outgrew strawberry allergy.