Are Burger King Cravers safe? My son loves mozzerlla sticks. Just wondering if anyone has any info on these new BK products. Thanks Kim

On Dec 26, 2000

The BK restaurants have a handout containing ingredient lists for all their products. It's usually posted near the cashier and you can ask for one to take home with you. It's actually quite interesting, since it also includes all the nutrition info (calories, fat grams, sodium levels, etc.--the same info that's on packaged foods). They also have these ingredient lists at McD's and other fast food places.

On Dec 27, 2000

Sandra y Thanks for the info I'll grab one next time I go to BK. Kim

On Dec 30, 2000

We have yet to hear from the corporate offices of either Burger King, McDonalds or Wendy's as to their safety for the peanut allergic.

Many of us have checked out individual restaurants but have found questionable vague labeling on the which we have yet to hear back from the corporate offices of what the ingredients are.

If you contact any of the companies at the corporate level, let us know the responses you receive.

When the corporations (manufactures) etc. hear from all of us it often gives them the incentive to do the work necessary so we will know if we can use them.

Keep up the good work. Post the contact information you find so others won't have to look it up etc.

Work together, we are making a difference! Use these boards (be creative), post what you think will help others, motivate others etc. and put any information that will help another person to make changes.

------------------ Stay Safe,