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I just got home from taking the kids to Burger King and I'm extremely upset!! We sat down to eat and the kids pulled cards that looked like lotto cards only bigger out of their Happy Meal bags. Turns out they are scratch and sniff cards and one of the items to scratch and sniff is a jar of peanut butter!!!!! I freaked out! I don't know if this is an "authentic" peanut aroma or not, but was not taking any chances. I returned them to the manager and told him that my son could die from them if it is actual peanut and that they needed to have some kind of warning in place or ask parents before giving them to kids or SOMETHING!

Stay Safe! Valerie

On Jun 3, 2003

That it really awful! Especially when I was the Burger King web site (last night) they have a notice on their site about the week of May 17th being food allergy awareness week! And they have a link to FAAN!!!!! Boy, what a surprise - thank God you checked before you let your kids do the scratch and sniff! Thanks so much for the warning!!! Oh, by the way, what part of the country are you in - just wondering if this is new to all Burger Kings or just to your area.


On Jun 3, 2003

How ridiculous? I always worry something like that will show up in my newspaper or in a magazine.

On Jun 4, 2003

Ali'sMom, I'm in the south-eastern part of the United States. I'm going to try to email them and see if they can tell me if it is actually a peanut smell or not today.

Just been real busy trying to get ready for a trip to New York next week... just the kids and I (driving) so should be an interesting trip [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img] !


On Jun 4, 2003

Yes, we need to start an e-mail campaign!

On Jun 4, 2003


This thread contains a letter and contact info for Burger King. (The letter was part of correspondence I had with Chet England at Burger King.

Not sure if the info is still the same.

On Jun 4, 2003

MB, Thank you for posting this link, it should prove to be very helpful!

My pa son had an anaphalactic reaction tonight... if anyone wants to read about it, it is posted here [url="http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum8/HTML/000500.html"]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum8/HTML/000500.html[/url]

I'm in a pretty emotional state right now after dealing with unexpected pb cookies and then peanuts spilled all under several chairs in the waiting room at the ER! On a positive note though... the ER doctor was great this time... we've had some real clods in the past. This doctor seemed to know his stuff and kept us for about 4 hours instead of sending us straight home. There was a little boy in the room next to us who was all broke out in a rash from shrimp.

Good Night, (well maybe... in between checking on Timmy) Valerie

On Aug 16, 2003

I know it's been awhile since this original post, but I just read it for the first time. These "Smell-o-rama" cards from the Rugrats/Wild Thornberries movie, do have a statement on them that tells that the smells are indeed synthetic and non allergenic. This statement was posted on the front of the card.

On Feb 23, 2004