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A lot of people use the major fast food companies. I have not been in contact with anyone, and I have not heard that anyone has actually checked with the companies to see if they are actively watching and dealing with peanut allergy. Yes, I have inquired many times at these local restaurants and have heard from many who have also done the same. Sometimes the local chain seems to be assuring and sometimes you can tell you are not being understood like you should be.

If anyone has contacted the corporate end of these companies please let us know what you found out. When enough of us contact these companies it sometimes alerts them to start dealing with the allergy. If someone can find the persons to contact at these companies please post the information so that we can start to work to make sure they are safe for us. If the contact is different for different countries please post which country the contact information is for.

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On Apr 26, 1999

For Burger King in Canada please see my post under Wendy's.

On Apr 26, 1999

Burger King has a listing of their ingredients under the nutrition portion of their web site. Burger King has a mix of corporate and franchise stores so the menu may vary slightly. Burger King also pilots new menu items in some regional markets.

Here is a link to Burger King.


On Apr 26, 1999

I have tended to avoid Burger King because of their sesame topped hamburger buns. While my son has not specifically been tested for sesame, I understand that there might be some research saying that pnt allergic individuals might also be allergic to sesame. Does anyone know if all Burger Kings serve sesame seed buns, or is this just a regional thing?

On Apr 27, 1999

Dr. Wood, at the Baltimore FAN Conference, said pnt allergic individuals DO NOT need to avoid sesame seed as they are in a different class.

I received the same answer from Celide Barnes Koerner, registered dietitian and chief dietitian of the Pediatric Clinical Research Unit, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland.

I beleive Dr. Wood mentioned that pnt allergic individuals have a slightly higher prevelance of sesame allergy.

On Apr 27, 1999

My interpretation on this is that peanut-allergic children are probably more likely to be allergic to other foods, so it's a good idea to avoid the main culprits (shellfish, other nuts) while their immune systems are still developing. Delaying can prevent the allergy, although it's not a guarantee. (My understanding.)

I was at the FAN conference in Baltimore and heard Dr. Wood say that seeds and nuts are not related. We'll avoid them (seeds, including sesame, sunflower) if we know about them being in a food, but I'm not as vigilant about them as I am for peanuts and nuts. I know my son ate a sandwich with bread coated with sunflower seeds about 6 weeks ago. He didn't have any problems with it.


On May 19, 2000

We have felt pretty safe at burger king in the past. I had called Burger King a few months back and after talking to the manager and checking the web site I felt pretty safe about no peanut products. Tonight we stopped at the Burger King drive thru and ordered a kids meal. When I was handed the bag I noticed right away that there was a Reeses Peanut butter cup laying on top of the order. I was angry and frightened!

If I had handed that bag to my daughter, she could be dead by now!

When I asked why they put candy in my daughter's meal, they said they were out of toys and we giving Candy!!!

I told them they could have killed my little girl. The guy said I should have told him she was allergic to peanuts!!!

I know he only works there, but I told him that I had contacted corporate and talked to the manager of this Burger King and was told they did not serve or use any peanut products!!

How many of the kids working there have been eating the reeses while they work?

I am at my wits end. I know I should expect the un-expected and I try to be very careful, but this was just beyond my thought process.

I get so frustrated and worried. They could have put her in the hospital, or worse - killed her.

Just wanted to vent where someone gives a ____ ! Thanks.

Sue in Sunny Arizona

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On May 20, 2000


Sometimes just letting the steam off helps! I know the feeling when it seems like you have checked everything out and then wham you are smacked in the face when you least expect it. I think Burger King should post a sign saying they are giving out candy instead. There are plenty of people who don't give their children candy for a variety of reasons. It seems when they put gender specific toys in the meal they have no problem telling that over the loudspeaker why can't they mention the candy the same way?

On Oct 7, 2000

Went to Burger King tonight. For a limited time, they are selling Reese's peanut butter pie. I don't know how it is packaged.

On Oct 16, 2000

We ate at BK twice this past week (during the cheesecake period). No reaction from PA son. He also played in their playland and was fine.

On Mar 20, 2001

My two year old daughter had what we think was a reaction to Tahini sauce(crushed sesame seed)over this past weekend. It was a very bad reaction: grabbing her tongue, immediate welts popping up around her mouth first then all over her face and throat.

I was just reading these posts and noticed someone mentioned pa kids having the potential to be allergic to sesame seed and other seeds.

Where can I find this research? I wish I would have been told there could be a connection.


On Apr 30, 2001

Often, Tahini is processed on a line that processes peanuts. Also, many companies use shared equipment for processing items that contain peanuts and do disclose it on the label.

On Aug 10, 2001

I just came from the Burger King website and the ing. list for the Sweet and Sour Sauce listed Worcestershire sauce (with anchovies). I know this is kinda off topic but does anyone know if Anchovies are a shellfish? I have long wondered why my PA son and also both of my daughters react with a contact reaction (severe) whenever they have eaten this. My PA son is also allergic to shellfish.

Thanks! Valerie

On Aug 12, 2001

dear Neighborgal, anchovies are not shellfish, just fish. i dont like them, salty "orrible things. Hmm not sure but over here (uk) i think that worcestershire sauce is made with a walnut vinigar, i try and find out. we dont go to burger king as william has not tried the seed side of food yet! but egg is a problem still , so its just the fries at dear old ronald macdonald for us! bye keep safe, williamsmummy