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Posted on: Sun, 04/25/1999 - 2:59am
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A lot of people use the major fast food companies. I have not been in contact with anyone, and I have not heard that anyone has actually checked with the companies to see if they are actively watching and dealing with peanut allergy. Yes, I have inquired many times at these local restaurants and have heard from many who have also done the same.
Sometimes the local chain seems to be assuring and sometimes you can tell you are not being understood like you should be.

If anyone has contacted the corporate end of these companies please let us know what you found out. When enough of us contact these companies it sometimes alerts them to start dealing with the allergy. If someone can find the persons to contact at these companies please post the information so that we can start to work to make sure they are safe for us. If the contact is different for different countries please post which country the contact information is for.

Stay Safe,


Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2000 - 4:21am
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Is this a privately owned BUrger King or one of the franchises? I also went to the website [url="http://www.burgerking.com"]www.burgerking.com[/url]
and found that if you look in the section marked ingredients and then look in the section marked "other" they list the ingredients to partially hydrogenated vegetabel shortening and it does not include peanut oil.
I failed to see any peanut products in any of their ingredients on that web site so I am wondering perhaps if this particular burger king is privately run and therefore not subject to the same quality checks as a franchise?

Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2000 - 4:37am
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I had no idea there was a difference. How do you know? Ask the manager?
My son just at at McDonald's for the first time in his 2 year life. My husband spoke to the manager before ordering and confirmed that they were cooking with soybean oil. I figure that's what we're always going to have to do if we want my son to eat there.

Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2000 - 5:03am
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If you look at the ingredients in the sausage patty it states"Prepared in partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening."
The manager at the store where we ate told me over the phone that she knows that that shortening is not safe for people with peanut allergies. As far as I know it is a corporate store. I just wanted to share what I found with others as I found out while researching peanut allergies both on this site and others that hydrongenated vegetable stuff should be avoided unless it states what vegetable it is.

Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2000 - 5:32am
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Just to add to everything you just said, (edited), don't forget how much fat is in McDonald's food. We really don't eat there much at all but had to last Friday in a pinch (my groceries were an hour and 45 minutes late being delivered).

Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2000 - 7:16am
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yes, the ingredient DOES list partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening.
But THEN if you go to the "other" choice on the ingredient list it will tell you what
that shortening is made with! And it doesn't list peanut oil.
I was only asking because this store may do its buying from sources that are not used by franchise bk's.

Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2000 - 8:50am
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All I can say is I was told verbally on the phone by a manager that it does contain peanut and the only thing my son would be able to eat was soda and possibly a hamburger patty without the bun. this is a corporate store so I don't know about franchises that do their own thing. forgive me for trying to let people know what an actual person said not just an ingredient list that is on line. This manager took time out of her day to check with corporate headquarters and they said nothing is safe. I thought I was doing people a favor to share that information. next time I will keep the information to myself.

Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2000 - 10:11am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Please don't stop posting warnings about food! I found what the manager told you at BK very interesting and frightening. I will definately not allow my son to eat there without checking with our local one first.

Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2000 - 10:31am
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I just want to say I appreciate both yarnwoman's and mom2two's comments. I don't think mom2two is challenging or undermining the first post, she is just exploring further and trying to get to the bottom of this little mystery. There seems to be a discrepency b/t what a manager told yarnwoman and what is posted on BK's website. That's good to know.

Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2000 - 12:47pm
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Has anyone else noticed the "special" peanut butter cheese cake at BK? We need to be aware of cross contamination.

Posted on: Tue, 10/24/2000 - 5:27pm
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I just joined this group and wow everyone should take a deep breath. Never listen to what a person says especially if they say they think so. In dealing with a life threatning subject you have to be sure. If I took what waitress or waiters or even managers said my son would not be here today.
I learned so much from the food allery network it has news letters that are execellent. As for McDonald or Burger king my son has been fine eating there. I never get him any desserts there because the Mcflurrys have cross-contaminaion so just skip the dessert. I thought that when it listed hydrogenated veg. oil they by law had to list its source. Thank you


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