Can anyone help me. I want to get my 4 year old PA daughter a bunny for Easter. I noticed that many of the pellet food has nuts! Does anyone have bunnies and know of safe rabbit food. If not, I will abort the idea. Thanks for any advise/help!

On Apr 14, 2003

My child has fed the bunny at preschool fresh food like alfala, chard carrots tops and carrots, etc. I never let him handle the pellet food, but he was still able to feed the bunny. He is contact allergic to PN, but petted the bunny many times without incident. This bunny ate a food that was mostly pelletized alfalfa.

If your child does not handle the pelletized food directly? Maybe you should visit a bunny first, I'm allergic to the darn things myself although my PA child is not.

On Apr 14, 2003

Thanks for your input! I've since found that bunnies prefer alphalfa, and it's best for them. In addition, I have also found a pelletized food that is peanut free (Kaytee Rainbow). The bunny (a mini lop) is in my basement now, waiting for the big appearance on Easter. My girls will be so excited!