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Bullying is NOT a Joking Matter

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I'm sharing a link to the syndicated comic strip F minus. The strip seems to be representing a possible bullying of a child with peanut allergy. I was appalled by the comic.


What are your thoughts?

By kdekreon on Jun 16, 2015

I agree. I don't think he is being bullied.

On the contrary, I see my everyday life. I'm constantly running from the dangers of food allergy. At the risk of sounding dramatic and putting WAY to much complexity on the strip, I feel that my child's food allergies are chasing me daily.

The kids in the strip are playing but I'm spending today trying to figure out how I'm going to ship 3 weeks worth of gluten, dairy, peanut and nut free food to Alaska from LA. For a family of five....... Trust me; I'm running.

By Jff on Jun 15, 2015

If I'd seen this strip sans context, I never would have thought it represented bullying. Having read your post first I can see how you might infer that but I still think its a bit of a stretch. I think the kids are just supposed to be playing. They both appear to be smiling. Or at the very least, the one being chased doesn't appear to be in any distress. In fact, he almost looks happier than the other kid. Possibly because their racing and he's winning or maybe just cause he doesn't have to wear that ridiculous shirt. Also, judging by the few other strips I looked at in the series, I think the bullying angle would add a layer of complexity outside the comic's usual scope.