Bull\'s Eye Barbecue Sauce


My son, who has a fairly severe peanut allergy, ingested Bull's Eye Barbecue sauce and several hours later vomited. I am wondering if this is a reaction to peanuts. Has this product been identified as one which "may contain peanuts"?

On Aug 25, 2001

What does the label say? Have you contacted the company?

On Aug 26, 2001

Yes I did read the label and it does not say it includes peanuts. I have not contacted the company, but I was just wondering if any one reading has had problems with this product.

On Aug 26, 2001

My daughter is fatally allergic to nuts and we use this brand. How old is you child?Some times little ones get upset tummys from the spices they put in the sauces! Unsure about this sauce you could make your own. Cheap&easy!! Need a recipe?Let me know.

On Aug 26, 2001

My son is eight. I am just grasping at straws. Maybe he simply had an upset stomach. Thank you for your input.