Bulk spices from Whole Foods

Posted on: Sat, 07/09/2005 - 1:18pm
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I usually get my spices from the bulk bins at our Whole Foods. I bought some paprika the other day and when I got home I noticed a may contain/processed on shared equipment notice on the package. (They have put some of the bulk spices in their own little containers to save shelf space.) Guess I wasn't looking for a warning where none had been before, and was chatting with a lady there near the spices when I grabbed it. Back it goes. Glad to have a label where it is warranted, sad that it is necesary.

I am so totally bummed that this source is unsafe. I see some people have good results with Penzey's (sp wrong I'm sure)and McCormick. I just hate to pay either shipping or the price of a little tin from the regular grocery store! Oh well, no one every said having kids would be cheap.

Good luck spicing up your life safely, everyone.

mom to Madeline, 3yrs old, pnut and tree nut, probably shellfish too


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