Brothers & Sisters Of Peanut Allergic Kids


Hi! I have a little brother who is allergic to peanuts. Are there any other kids in my position??? I'd like to hear from them. I often baby-sit my brother and take him to the park etc. He always carries his epi-pen in a pouch around his waist. Sometimes I start to feel sorry for him, but when people tell him how bad it must be, he shakes his head and tells them it isn't. He will always have to be extra carful where-ever he goes, but he doesn't really miss eating pb, because he can't ever remember having it. Though he does feel bad when he can't have a special treat. I still remember the first time he tried pb, it was in calling wood and we were staying in a condominium with no 911 service. He was one,(he's five now) and under his eyes swelled up. He started wheezing, and couldn't breath. I held him while mom tried to call 911. Of course it didn't work. Finally the operator sent an ambulance, but wouldn't you know it, it got lost, and didn't come until 10min after the incedent. That was probably the scariest thing in my life. That was the only time he has ever had a reaction. Now my mom is super carful, as are the rest of the family. Look forward to hearing from you


On Mar 29, 1999

Hi Lindie, I have a brother and a son with peanut and tree nut allergies and I know that it can be scary thinking about that sometimes. My little brother isn't so little anymore, he'll be 37 next month. Growing up there were a couple of times when I was looking after him that he had reactions but he was OK after hospital treatment. Back in those days we didn't have Epi-pens. It sounds like your brother is lucky to have such a concerned sister. It also sounds like he is trying to focus on the positive and that's always a smart thing to do. You can probably help with that. Take care and thanks for writing.


P.S. Did you enjoy your time in Collingwood other than when the reaction occurred? The skiing is good there and the Scenic Caves are also worth visiting. My brother and I grew up just down the road from Collingwood in Owen Sound.

On Apr 2, 1999

Thank-you for writing. We did have alot of fun other than the scare.


On Apr 3, 1999

Hi, my name is Kasey. Im six years old. My two year old brother has a peanut allergy. I remember the first time he had some peanuts it was bad, he could not breathe. We were at the grocery store, and he had a pb cookie, and mom rushed him to the doctor. I had to stay at home with dad. I take good care of him and I watch out for him. I hope he doesn't get a hold of peanuts again.

On Apr 7, 1999

Hi Kasey. I am glad you are taking such wonderful care of your little brother. He is very lucky to have some-one like you in his life. It can be scary sometimes knowing what can happen, but now alot of people are aware of allergies like the one your brother has, and are going out of their way to make life easier. Thanks for writing


On Apr 17, 1999

Hi, my name is Kasey. I'm six years old and I have a brother who is allergic to peanuts. If any other brothers or sisters can give me advice, I'd like to hear from you.

Stay Safe, Kasey

On Apr 18, 1999

Hi Lindie and Kasey,

My name is Heather and I know it's frightening to have a brother with peanut allergies. I know how its scary but if you keep someone that has peanut allergies or other types of allergies, try to keep them safe by keeping all the stuff that the person is allergic to out of the house. This is how I keep my brother safe. Me and my mom don't let him touch anything in the grocery store and we keep everything he is allergic to out of the house.

On Apr 21, 1999

Hi Heather nice to hear from you. Thoes are some very good ideas for keeping allergic people safe. Do you ever go to reasteurants with your brother? Can he eat icecream?? Thanks again for writing.