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When I did a search about Breyer's, I noticed that a lot of people choose the natural vanilla flavor for themselves or their pa children. I've let my sons have the neopolitan & mint chocolate chip flavors but I'm reexamining my comfort zone and I'm wondering if I should just stick with plain vanilla. Has anyone spoken with Breyer's lately or had any experiences with them that they could pass on to me?

On Mar 4, 2003

We use many varieties of the Breyer ice cream and have never had any problems. obviously we don't use any that contain peanuts but other than that, we have tried (or use) most. Vanilla, neopalitin and strawberry the most.

On Mar 4, 2003

Partly I use the vanilla because of something I read a long time ago about how Breyers cleans their equipment. I don't even remember the details, something about how vanilla is the first flavor that's run on the clean equipment. But I think it's partly just "superstition" on my part--we've always used it and we've been safe so I stick with it.

I think that if a brand is safe, it's safe. I doubt the flavor makes a big difference. Vanilla just "feels" safer. I have read that with some brands chocolate is about the worst because its strong flavor will mask other flavors and "leftovers" are dumped into chocolate. But Breyers absolutely doesn't do that so I don't think their chocolate is risky in that way.

I think we will soon be ready to branch out into some more flavors. It is partly psychological/emotional, not entirely rational. For now we use Breyer's vanilla and Hershey's chocolate syrup and my son is satisfied with that.

The only other ice cream I give him is Dean's mini ice cream sandwiches. He has always eaten them his whole life and they are nearly always in our freezer. That company does label very well and even has a cute little picture of a peanut on the flavors that are "may contain." But why do I trust the ice cream sandwiches and not the fudge bars? Completely irrational. Magic. Hocus-pocus. I can't really explain it!!

On Mar 5, 2003

I sometimes think that's how I decide upon things too - by whether or not it "feels" safe. But, I have been wrong in the past - the recent Sunmaid raisins post made me realize that I'd better call companies about everything we eat. I think that might be what made me start questioning the flavored ice cream & the other foods I assumed were okay.

On Mar 6, 2003

About 1 year ago, I called Breyer's about their ice cream. I was told that all of their varieties were cross contaminated with nuts. I have avoided them ever since. Hopefully, they have changed their practices. I provide Edy's grand for my kids in the basic flavors only without problems.

On Mar 6, 2003

We always use Breyers Ice Cream, mostly the Vanilla or Chocolate chip. I guess this is a comfort zone issue. We almost never go out for ice cream, only once or twice a year and then we only let ds get the soft serve. I do feel comfortable giving him the Breyers.


On Mar 7, 2003

I e-mailed Good Humor-Breyers last month to see if they used dedicated production lines, after I noticed their new peanut butter flavor ice cream in our supermarket. Their response was no, but they do breakdown and clean the equipment after each flavor. I used to give my son Breyers vanilla ice cream. Since he is only allergic to peanuts, not other tree nuts. I was not concerned with the ice cream being cross contamination with other tree nuts. But that was until I saw the peanut butter flavored ice cream. No more Breyers for us. Just don

On Mar 7, 2003

I always use Edy's Ice cream. They indicate if a particular flavor is allergen nut free! Your child is no longer limited to plain vanilla! You can sort their flavors by allergy parameters on their web site: [url=""][/url]

This company understands that ice cream is a kids food and that it must be safe. I stick with Edy's who understands, supports and labels for allergies!

On Mar 7, 2003

Ummm... Just to clarify. We've used Breyer's for years and I've always been aware they do not have dedicated equipment. This is not gambling with my son's life. When people have different comfort zones it is not because they are willing to gamble with their own child's life. It's because they have a different view of the risks involved. Nobody here gambles with their child's life.

The information about Edy's is really interesting. I'd never heard about that. Thanks.

On Mar 7, 2003

Breyer's is all I do use and DS has eaten the vanilla and mostly chocolate w/out a problem.

I will have to check out that Edy's info though, I do try to purchase from companies who do their best to label, etc. Like Betty Crocker/GM, I trust their labels more than anyone else, and try to buy their products as much as possible....Cam looks for the "red spoon" while groc. shopping and then asks me to read the label...too cute how they pick up stuff.

Lana [img][/img]

On Mar 7, 2003

I use Breyer's ice cream too.

Even Ben & Jerry's, which many people here use, does not have dedicated lines.

On Mar 8, 2003

We usually stick with vanilla but sometimes purchase Peach or Strawberry. I have a family member working in the dairy industry. He makes ice cream! He said Vanilla is always the first run of the day. The end of the day runs include Chocolate, then mix-ins such as nuts or chips. I think mix-ins and maybe Chocolate would have the greatest chance of a cross-contamination.


On Mar 11, 2003

My concern is that all the allergens in the last run of the day might not be completely cleaned out and contaminate the *first* run of the day (vanilla) the next day. So far we only use home made ice cream. [img][/img]


On Mar 11, 2003

I just got the number & website for Good Humor- Breyer's. The number is (920) 499-5151 & the site is [url=""][/url] I'll post whatever new info. I get from them.

On Mar 11, 2003


The ice cream equipment is completely cleaned out at the end of the day. The machines are taken apart and "double-disinfected". Vanilla is then the first run of the next day. In between other runs, the equipment gets a quick rinse. This is the way my brother's dairy handles ice cream production and he thinks it is pretty standard. But, I do think we should all call the manufacturers to ask questions and let them know that we are concerned. (: Rainey

On Mar 12, 2003

Looking at manufacture proceedures. I think, knowing that "mix ins" are the last runs of the day, I would have greatest concerns about the first runs of the new day! Those are the first flavors after the nuts and such. Seems the smooth varieties would all be amongst the safest, since they are run all day long before the mixins. Traces might be most likely in the first runs after the nuts, even with the disinfecting.

Depending on how you look at it, it could widen one's comfort zone if you are already very comfortable with vanilla, since the mixins come after all the other smoot flavors. Just some more detail for us to consider in our questions to the company(ies). Sorry for the digression, but seemed like reasonable "food for thought." becca

On Mar 12, 2003

Hi Becca,

I thought I had read somewhere that during the first run of a new flavour, the first batch is discarded? I will have to check to see if this is true.

On Mar 12, 2003

There seems to be two threads on this topic so I am posting my message in both places. I buy Chapmans here in Ontario but I regularly update my information from Breyers and am comfortable with my son having non-nut Breyer's ice creams, especially the vanilla flavour, at parties, school and church events because of the manufacturing processes, dismantling and pressure cleaning of equipment and ingredient storage methods. If you have questions ask Breyers to send you a letter outlining their strategies. They are very knowledgeable about our concerns and provide detailed information. My son lives in the wider world and I cannot expect everyone to purchase Chapmans [although many do!] and knowing about Breyer's processes helps us make informed decisions based on more than the may contain label. Not all of you will make the decision that I do but I am sharing this information to share my viewpoint. Take care. Stay safe.

On Mar 13, 2003

Here's the reply I got from Breyer's...

When a Good Humor-Breyers' product contains any type of nut or nut by-product, it will be listed on the ingredient listing. This includes the Popsicle and Klondike line of products.

We do not have dedicated production lines in our manufacturing facilities. We do, however, have a very strict allergen policy. After an allergen-containing product is produced, the equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized prior to reuse. We also have special handling procedures for all allergenic ingredients used in our plants.

On Mar 13, 2003

Here is the respose I got after emaileing Edy's about their products:

Dear Yonit:

Thank you for visiting our website and for your e-mail message. It is always a pleasure to hear from our consumers whose ideas, comments and concerns are very important to us here at Edy's Grand Ice Cream.

All of the flavors that are indicated as nut allergen free on our web site, do not contain, and do not come in contact with any tree nut or peanut products. Although we do not have designated lines in our facilities for products that do and do not contain nuts, we do take strict precautions to prevent cross-contamination. We take apart all of our machinery and wash down the entire line before starting a new flavor. Also, flavors that contain nuts are most often produced on different days than those that do not.

Please feel free to log on to [url=""][/url] On the Edy's homepage, click on the "Flavor Finder" web link. This link will bring up a page where you can search for products by "dietary preference". Click the box in front of "Nut Allergen Free" and then click on "Find It." This will bring up all of our products that meet your dietary criteria.

Please watch your mail for our full response. We appreciate your interest in our company and the time you have taken to contact us.


Alison Lutz Consumer Response Representative

On Mar 22, 2003

I just spoke with Bryers and they said that they do not run least allergenic to most during the day, however do practice a very good cleaning procedure between flavors. And that they have never had a recall due to cross contamination. We purchase Perry's icecream, they do run least allergenic to most during the process, and I felt much better knowing that.

On Mar 22, 2003

I feel confident that Breyers Vanilla is safe. My son eats it practically daily and has never had any reactions.


On Apr 29, 2003

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On Aug 29, 2004

Does anyone know what the "natural flavor" is in the All Natural line of Breyers....or at least confirmed that it is nothing peanut related?

On Aug 29, 2004

I have always used the Natural Vanilla and Strawberry for my PA/TN son. I dont know what "natural" flavor is but we have had not had any problems at all and we use it all the time!!! He is a 6 plus on the rast test. We are going to try our hand at making ice cream this week...this should be interesting!! Wish us luck!!!!