Breyer\'s Ice Cream


Hi All-

I just got back from my local supermarket (Northeast U.S.). I noticed a "NEW" flavor of Breyer's Ice Cream in the frozen section - PEANUT BUTTER WITH CHUNKS OF REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS, in a big orange box. First time I've seen it (and a few other new flavors as well). I know some people on the boards use Breyer's Ice Cream (myself included). I'm not using it anymore until I contact the company, and find out the deal re: production of this putrid confection! Just thought I'd potentially warn everyone. Be careful!

On Aug 28, 1999

Laura, I just logged on to post the same exact message! I was VERY sad last night when I found that orange carton of Reese-cup laced ice cream! Breyer's All Natural was the only ice cream I trusted and now I'm afraid to buy it. I actually thought that I need to find an easy-to-use ice cream maker and just start making my own! My son LOVES ice cream and until now I didn't feel quite so bad always telling him no to ice cream shops since I could give him some at home!

I'm also planning to call Breyers on Monday. Maybe if they hear from enough of us they will make at least one safe (vanilla) flavor! Sue

On Aug 29, 1999

Just for your information, Breyers has been making that Reese's flavor of ice cream for about 2 years now. I have spoken with them since the introduction of that product regarding their manufacturing process. As stated earlier, the machines are cleaned throroughly between each run and vanilla is produced first, etc., etc., etc. You need to call Breyer's yourself and verify the process and specifically ask them about the Reese's flavor and where it falls in the production process. As with any company that uses nuts (which I swear is 99% of all companies) there is nothing that is risk free. Please let us know what you find out from Breyers. Christine