Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream


Just taking a poll to see if how many people use Breyers Chocolate Ice cream and if anyone has experienced any reactions. Thanks for responding!

By BestAllergySites on May 27, 2009

Yes, we use Breyer's and have not had a single reaction. We have had chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, chocolate chip, mint choc chip.

I'm ashamed to say that I have not called them and can not vouch for them except to say that we've had no reactions.

For my family-I've found that the bigger named brands do better at cleaning the lines and having protocols in place. They also seem better at listing warning labels if they think there might be a potential problem with their product.

We also use Hood (even though there are nuts in the facility) because I called and was told they run the ice cream with the least allergens first and they test their lines for allergens.

Of course-protocols can always change.

Hope that helps! Ruth

By Mom2angels on May 27, 2009

We have used Breyers Natural Vanilla and Breyers Neopolitan. I thought I'd read somewhere on this forum that the Natural Vanilla was made on a dedicated line. I contacted Breyers about the neopolitan and this is what the rep told me. She said that if any of their ice creams are produced on shared equipment with those containing PN or TN, they disassemble the line, clean it with a soap solution, followed by a hot rinse, then that same cleaning process is repeated (cleaned and rinsed twice total). They cannot, however, GUARANTEE that there are not traces, but they take precaution to clean the equipment carefully. They do not test the equipment after it is cleaned to test for traces of the allergens, so that don't make any guarantees. Hope that helps! Ice cream is so good in the summer and my little ones love it!! It's great if you can find a safe one to let them enjoy.