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Breyers/Sealtest/Good Humor 1-800-483-9939 called March 1, 1999

Overall impression: again no dedicated lines, seemed knowledgeable.

Information: I only called about Breyers all natural ice creams, because I was familiar with them. They do not use dedicated lines, but they do not have products in their all natural lines that contain peanuts. They have products that contain almonds/pecans but believe their sanitation process do be adequate and the fluch all lines thoroughly after each run. I asked about sherberts and they said they are also on the same machines.


On Mar 2, 1999

I spoke with Breyer's about a year ago and was basically told the same thing with the exception of their "new" line (it was new about 2 years ago). Breyer's now has a line that swirls in Reese's candy--I think they are called Breyer's Blends. These are run on the same lines as Breyer's naturals. Again, I felt confident that they used good cleaning procedures, so I do take the small risk of giving this ice cream to my son. Others may not be comfortable with this. Christine

On Mar 3, 1999

I asked for and received a letter from Breyers regarding their ice cream making facilities in Ontario, Canada. In that letter they stated that they made ice creams containing nuts on different days than non-nut flavoured ice creams so that they might avoid airborne contamination. They also stated that they took the lines apart and thoroughly cleaned them after each flavour is run. Regarding the 'may contain' label, they stated that they had added that to their label after the Allergy and Asthma Association asked them to. The association felt that because it was not a nut-free plant then the label should appear.

With this information, I decided to allow my severely peanut and tree nut allergic son to eat Breyer's vanilla, strawberry, and other non-nut ice creams. I pray that this is an informed decision but cannot entirely get away from the nagging worry "what if I'm wrong?".

Hope this information is useful to others.