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Does anyone go there? I called tonight and talked to the manager here. He said they do not have peanuts there, just a sauce that is kept in a jar on a shelf. He looked through all the nuts and they have walnuts and almonds. They make all the ice cream there and make nut flavors at the end of production. Then they break the machine down and clean. Also, the scoops they use stay in the same containers. It sounded pretty good. Also, the cakes have an allergin warning on them and it stated contains milk and sugar alcohol. I thought I would let everyone know if you didn't already.

On Jul 11, 2006

If you mean Bruster's, all of those I have ever known have had several different peanut butter ice creams, peanut butter cup toppings, peanut/other nut toppings, etc.

In our local stores, they put the scoops into a shared water trough between dips.

They are manned by teenagers who aren't all that careful about ANYTHING!

So, NO, *I* don't eat there! I have taken my (nonPA) kids there and let them get nonpeanut flavors... but now that we have discovered Ritas, we just go there instead.

For *me* personally, I wouldn't feel safe if there was a peanut sauce in an ice cream place, because it can't just stay on the shelf- someone is USING it, which means, it is getting on their hands, on the equipment, etc. So, if someone orders some peanut sauce before me, then the same person makes *my* plain vanilla... that is outside of my comfort zone.

It is possible that the franchise owners control what flavors are offered, so it is possible that there are some out there that are peanut free.

Now... if there is another chain called "Brewsters" I don't know anything about it!

Tara P

On Jul 14, 2006

It is Bruesters that I am talking about the the manager was clueless. First he took the cake order wrong so there was not one waiting for us and then we got the plain chocolate ice cream for my PA son. Well, I made sure and discussed with the people again that is was peanut free. Then got home when everyone is enjoying there cake. He then asked for his ice cream. We think he had a mild reaction. Just rubbing his face and a little pink in one eye. Gave him benadryl then it went away. My husband swears it was from outside but I think it was the ice cream. He won't be having it again til he is older.