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Hi all, I just wanted to say, we recently moved to Wisconsin, and I am having a terrible time finding bread products for my pa son. In Indiana, I always used Aunt Millie's with no problems. Here, practically every bread line has may contain warnings. I am happy these companies are being aware with their labeling, but what are we to do? I have found Earthgrains breads and Brownberry. We have no problems with these breads, but of course, they cost quite a bit more. I will pay what is needed, but why can't companies who make staples like bread and buns make a safe product for those who are allergic? Just wondering. Also, if anyone knows anything about these two brands, please let me know. I've called Earthgrains before about their pie shells, and feel they are allergy aware, and am planning on calling again tomorrow for the both of them. Thanks, Amy