How safe are bread products usually? (ie hot dog/ hamburger buns, English muffins, sandwich breads). I have not found any in our stores that have phone #s or email/ web addresses, which makes contacting them difficult. Has anyone checked out "Aunt Hattie's", "Roman Meal" or even any store brands (Safeway, Frys, IGA)?

On Sep 5, 2001

We swear by Maier's. I called them about a year ago and was told they do not use any peanuts in the production of their products, however, grains and seeds are used. They might be a regional supplier, however. I believe Maier's has an affiliation with Stroheman (sp. ?) breads. Under same ownerhship I think, but call to be sure about peanut/nuts under that line.

On Sep 5, 2001

Well, in the UK, I don't trust ~any~ breads, as almost all bakeries have a notice saying "may contain traces of nuts or sesame". I have my own bread-maker, and very good it is, too ! At least I know what goes into it ! [img][/img])

------------------ Nick (nut & sesame allergy sufferer)

On Sep 5, 2001

I don't know if you have these brands where you live but I buy Vermont Bread (I called them and was told their bread is safe) and also Interstate Brands (Wonder,Sunbeam, etc.) that are made in the Biddeford, Maine plant which is nut free. The code stamped on the product for Biddeford is 087.

What I would like to find is a safe bukie roll.

On Sep 28, 2001

I called Pepperidge Farm today to ask about their breads. Last year I was told they had walnuts in one type of bread and no bread was on a dedicated line. They said that since then (due to many inquiries and calls)they have removed the walnuts from the recipe and now all their breads are nut/peanut free w/o a risk of cross contamination. YAY! (I am not sure if that includes hot dog rolls etc. I forgot to ask about those)