Does anyone know if there is a connection between eating white bread and peanut allergies. I can't seem to eat any pretzels bread etc unless it is wheat. My eyes and hands swell and my hands turn beet red. what brand of bread do I eat? Pretzels?

On Apr 19, 2000

I don't know if there is a connection to bread and peanuts, but is it possible you have another food allergy? I am allergic to soy too and a lot of bread now has soy flour.

On Apr 19, 2000

MSFZ, Do you know of some breads without soy flour? I can't find any.

On Apr 19, 2000

I have never had a problem with white bread. Andy


On Apr 19, 2000

Any possiblity of a cross contamination risk? Many bread companies make breads with nuts in them.

On Apr 19, 2000

I'm not sure about the cross contamination, but I did just check my wheat bread and it doesn't contain the soy. So maybe it is soy that I can't have.

On Apr 22, 2000

Rae - I use Pepperidge Farm rye bread and I find that most rye breads don't use soy flour. A lot of English muffins and buns do now. I find the soy flour mostly in white sort of breads, but rarely in whole wheats I always read the labels (don't we all?).

BTW - everything has soy lecithan. I always have a rash on my hands and my old allergist (and alleged wife murderer, but that's another story) said that the rash was probably from that.

On Apr 22, 2000

My duaghter has a soy allergy and we have a tough time finding bread that she likes and is safe. We have had pretty good luck with Friehoffer's white bread, never called and probably should, but we are incident free so I am reluctant. As to soy lecithin, we were told that it would be safe and we have not had any problems with it to date.

On Apr 23, 2000

Just a thought...I purchased a cheap bread machine. It's SO easy. My PA/Egg allergic son helps me dump in the flour, water, butter and yeast....This way I know it's safe The only problem is you eat too much of it because its so darn good and hot!!

On Apr 24, 2000

Ok, Ok, I'll unpack the bread machine.:-)