Hi! I make all our bread/bread products homemade but I was wondering what others use for bread if you don't make it yourself. I saw Rudi's Organic and I checked their website and I didn't see any nuts. I also saw French Meadows Breads/Texas Toast and not any nut products there but they do have a cafe attached to the bakery that does make peanut butter cookies and brownies. Just wondering what others do. Thanks in advance.

On Apr 18, 2004

If there's no time to bake, we use Maier's (I think that's the spelling). I've called, got a good response, and we've never had a problem with their bread. Very delicious too.

On Apr 18, 2004

I called Rudi's a few months ago and was told they are peanut/nut-free. We've been using their products ever since - the honey-whole wheat bread variety is wonderful and high in fiber and protein. We use their buns, too. Only drawback is the price . . . but you pay more for organic and sometimes for safety, I guess.