Bravo Northwest! (also United)

Posted on: Sun, 05/23/1999 - 10:23am
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Joined: 05/14/1999 - 09:00

I just returned from a round trip on Northwest. Peanuts were removed from both flights with courtesy and kindness. I had the same experience with United in February and I hear they now do not serve nuts. Hooray! I cancelled plans to fly Continental snd will not use them until they change their policies.

Posted on: Mon, 05/24/1999 - 6:16am
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Hi Whitney,
I was just wondering how well the plane was cleaned prior to you boarding? We flew Southwest a couple of weeks ago with my two year p.a. son, and while they didn't serve pnts, they were everywhere on the plane - on the seats, arm rests, floor, etc. I did as thorough a cleaning as I could, and then did not let him off my lap. You can imagine what a challenge this was with a two year old! But, thank goodness he didn't react to any airborne residue, although his eczema did flare up during and after the plane ride.
Stay Safe, Debbie

Posted on: Thu, 06/10/1999 - 11:18am
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Joined: 05/14/1999 - 09:00

Hi Debbie, The plane was spotless. I had requested the peanut free flight 3 weeks (maybe more) in advance. I got there early and they were scurrying around cleaning. Maybe they always do, I haven't flown NW before. But I was impressed. My problem is twofold: 1. the allergy is worse than when I was a child and 2. I sometimes have to fly for business without enough notice. United, here I come!

Posted on: Tue, 05/30/2000 - 3:52am
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Northwest now has a dedicated Peanut Allergy Customers service number it is 612-726-2002, i was told its been available for two months. Today is the first time I used it. You need to give only 2 days notice! Be ready with your flight dates and numbers, the system is automated. They send you a confirmation by FAX, if you do not have a FAX you need 5 days notice to receive the letter that they ask you to show when you board. You can talk to an actual person at 612-726-2046 or FAX the information to 612-727-6327.

Posted on: Tue, 05/30/2000 - 4:06am
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Wow, Renee, that is great! Sounds like maybe some people are finally getting it!!

Posted on: Wed, 05/31/2000 - 4:58am
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I am ECSTATIC that Northwest has changed and turned over a new leaf.....I am posting my experience with them later this evening....after having a potential lawsuit, it is nice to know they took some action. Their neglegence could have cost me my life....injecting 37,000 ft up is not my idea of a "friendly flight"...i might consider using that free ticket now!

Posted on: Sat, 06/10/2000 - 11:52am
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Joined: 09/02/1999 - 09:00

Thanks JDICKSON, everything you went though really made a diffrence. My husband called from Florida. He and my 5 year old PA daughter arrived safely. The flights were both peanut free, I still sent him with Clorex wipes for the tray table and surrounding area, a cover for the airline pillow, Benadryl, Prelone, and 3 Epi Jrs. Oh and that wonderful letter similar to the one you received from Customer Relations to late. I will still be praying on the day of their return.
So sorry that you had to go though such a tramatic experience. Making an Emergancy Landing inconvientences passangers much more than alturnative snack foods. I've gotten the "Just dont eat them" comment so many times I could choke. My daughter has a history of airborne reactions.


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